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2 Best 1D Wireless Barcode Scanners in 2022

Barcode scanners are devices used to read the information contained in barcodes and can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode scanners. The structure of the barcode scanner is usually the following parts: light source, receiving device, photoelectric conversion component, decoding circuit, and computer interface. The basic working principle of the scanning gun is: that the light emitted by the light source is irradiated on the barcode symbol through the optical system. The reflected light is imaged on the photoelectric converter through the optical system, and interpreted by the decoder as a digital signal that the computer can directly accept, in addition to one, two-dimensional barcode scanner classification. Also classified as CCD, full angle laser, and laser handheld barcode scanners.

What You Will Learn:

What industry wireless barcode scanner can suit for

Introduce 3 angle parameters of the barcode scanner

difference between the self-scan and the constant-light mode

What can we do if the barcode scanner can not read barcode

What is the transmission method of barcode scanner

Top2  1D wireless barcode scanner

As an industrial-grade wireless barcode scanner,  WBS-3 has superior decoding ability to other domestic barcode scanners, and its proof level is up to IP54. Because of encryption and adaptive frequency hopping transmission, the scanner has good anti-interference ability, and can still work stably even in a harsh industrial environment. With superior decoding ability, stable data transmission, and good dustproof and anti-fall design, WBS-3 is very suitable for warehouses, factories, logistics, and other industries.  


1D wireless barcode scanner

WBS-4 is a perfect match for 1D imager scanning and wireless transmission. Firstly, it gets rid of the constraint from the cable with wireless contact. The longest radius is over 300meters. Once it’s out of wireless contact, the captured data would be stored in the embedded ROM. And the data would be uploaded once the wireless contact gets back to normal. It can scan the 1D barcode both displayed on the monitor and printed on paper. Moreover, it can easily read big 1D barcodes beyond 1 meter. Without moving parts inside the engine, it has got a higher level of drop resistance and more reliable quality.  



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