About us

LMP-POS Co., Ltd, a dynamic group, is a manufacturer in China,and  we have adept and substantial experience worker in this field. We assure our customers of excellent service and reliable products with affordable prices.

Full Range Solution Provider:

Our extensive product line consist of pos printer,barcode printer,mobile printer,handheld barcode terminal,touch screen,touch screen scale,scale,barcode scanner and other pos product.

Quality Assurance & Services Guarantee:

LMPPOS brings the best commitment to customers - products, services and better quality. With our better quality production facilities, customers'support and after-sales services. We assure you that products delivery will never create inconveniences.

barcode scanner

Products & System Upgrade:

LMPPOS, a full range research and development in parts line makes the company a leader in this field,specialized skill training and education is enforced to contribute success to the development of new products and innovations. Do not worry for what your choose. LMPPOS always gives you the right choice without too much spending and more profit in business.

Fast Delivery:
Meeting customers' demands, constantly improving the products and best service & competitive price are our forever goals, and also our products have been exported to Thailand,USA, Canada, Austrialia, Malaysia, Singapore,Turkey,Italy,Romania and so on.

We sincerely hope to establish long-term relationship with more partners for future benefit.


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Contact: Colin

Phone: +86-15918668768

Tel: +86-15918668768

Add: No3 Hao Tai Technology Park,Shenzhou Road 768,Sicence City,Luogang District,Guangzhou,China



No3 Hao Tai Technology Park,Shenzhou Road 768,Sicence City,Luogang District,Guangzhou,China



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