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the barcode scanner cannot be recognized on the computer

As a device for electronic products, barcode scanners will inevitably have some equipment problems, which will cause them to be unusable. The more common problem is that the computer cannot recognize the scanner, and the reason for this is closely related to the operation method, so how do we solve it? What about this type of problem?

If the computer cannot recognize the scanner, first check whether the connection of the scanner is correct. At present, there are only three connection interfaces used by the scanner. Among them, SCSI is the standard interface for small computers. There are generally 8 connection devices for this interface. The data transmission speed is 40M/S. Generally, this speed is relatively high for the scanner. If your scanner is a SCSI connection interface, then it is more complicated. First, the installation of SCSI equipment is relatively more complicated, and secondly if If you do not add a SCSI card to your computer, there may be a hardware conflict with the computer, which will cause the computer to fail to recognize the scan code.omnidirectional barcode scanner.jpg

The computer cannot recognize the scan code. Another possibility is that the interface between the scanner and the computer is loose or there is a problem with the data cable. If the connected data line is loose, just plug it in. If it doesn't work, you need to check the interface data line through other equipment, and use the elimination method to determine whether there is a problem with the data transmission line.

I scanned the barcode with the scanner, and there was no response after a beep. The reason for the red light was always on.

In this case, the problem of data transmission is usually that the barcode data is not transmitted to the computer. In order to prevent errors in the read data, the scanner automatically locks the working state. If this happens, please carefully check the data cable, interface, and protocol settings for errors. After confirming that it is correct, turn off the scanner, and then you can use it normally again when it is turned on. If it is invalid, it means that the interface circuit or the motherboard chip is faulty.

The scanner will beep as soon as it scans the barcode, but the scanner can’t scan the code? How to deal with it?

1. Most of the time, it is because the data is not transmitted normally. Check if there is a problem with the data cable, or if your wireless scanner is not properly paired with the bottom seat.

2. When the machine is turned on, there is a sound indicating that it is normally powered on. When scanning the barcode, it should be a problem with the scanning head or a problem with the data line.

3. The quality of the scanning scanner itself, try to plug the scanning scanner into another computer, create a new text file, and then scan the product to see if the barcode can be scanned.

4. There is a line code scanner: restore the factory settings, if it does not work, try to replace the data cable.

5. Wireless barcode scanner: restore factory settings and pair with the base.

6. See if it is a setting error. Initialize it and try or scan the barcode to be read after setting it in the scanner!

7. Come out the instruction manual of the barcode scanner, scan the barcode to restore the factory settings, and then try again.

8. The pairing of the wireless scanner is unsuccessful. Barcode scanners are generally plug-and-play, but it is not ruled out that a very small number of cases will be unsuccessful in pairing. However, when scanning the barcode, there will be a "di~dididi" sound, and the first beep means the reading is correct. , After three "dididi" beeps, it proves that the bar scanner has not been paired, and it needs to be paired according to the instructions.

9. The scanner will not be able to scan the code with the beeping, or it may be a low battery alarm, but when you use the scanner to scan the code, the buzzer keeps beeping "didididi", it means The barcode scanner voltage is too low and needs to be charged

10. The scanning scanner can’t scan the code, the laser scanning scanner has abnormal lines, thick, dark, flickering, etc., need to be returned to the factory for repair

11. The scanning scanner can’t scan the code. If the red-light scanning scanner emits abnormally, the line is fine, dark, serious light leakage, etc., you need to return to the factory for repair.


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