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The advantages and disadvantages of laser barcode scanner

The handheld laser barcode scanner emits a beam of light through a laser diode and irradiates a rotating prism or a mirror that swings back and forth. The reflected light passes through the reading window and hits the bar code surface. The light is reflected by the bar or space and then returns to the reading. The device is collected and focused by a mirror, and converted into an electrical signal by a photoelectric converter. The signal will be decoded by the decoding software on the scanning period or the terminal.

Advantages of laser barcode scanner:

1) The laser barcode scanner is used for non-contact scanning flexibly and efficiently. Normally, the laser barcode scanner is the only choice when the scanning distance exceeds 30cm.

2) The density range of laser barcode scanner is wide, and it can scan irregular barcode surface or read through glass or transparent adhesive paper, because it is non-contact reading, it will not damage the barcode label

3) Because of the more advanced scanning and decoding system, the first reading recognition success rate is high, the recognition speed is faster than light pen and CCD, and the recognition effect of poor printing quality or fuzzy barcode is good.

4) The bit error rate is extremely low (only about one in three million); the laser scanner has good shock and drop resistance.

Disadvantages of laser barcode scanner:

Although the price of the laser barcode scanner is relatively high, considering the performance, practicability and flexibility, the laser barcode scanner is much more cost-effective than the red light scanner.

How to use a laser barcode scanner. The use of a laser barcode scanner is very simple. You only need to buckle tbarcode scanner.jpghe button, aim the light at the bar code, and the light must pass through the left and right ends of the bar code (including the blank area). As long as the bar code can be good, generally Can be scanned.

Laser barcode scanner installation There are two types of barcode scanner: serial port and USB port. The general steps are as follows:

1. Connect the scanner to the computer.

2. The driver needs to be installed for the serial port, the USB port does not need to be installed.

3. Wait for the prompt sound of the scanner, or just try to scan the code.

4. You can first create an EXCEL/text document, open it and see the cursor flashing and start scanning the code. If it can be read out successfully, it means the installation is successful. 5. Position the cursor on the cell to be entered.

6. Scan the barcode. (Set the scanning mode of the scanner as required, such as carriage return, line feed, continuous scanning after scanning).

7. After the scan is completed, save it.


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