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Will QR codes completely replace 1D barcodes

As we all know, 1D barcodes have been around for decades from birth to the present. 1D barcode scanner and 2D barcode scanner come out.

With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, as a new 2D barcode, it has rapidly spread in various industries and daily life, and the amount of information it can accommodate is ten times or even dozens of times of the one-dimensional barcode. safety. Then some people may ask, will QR codes completely replace the use of 1D barcodes?banner1212311313424.jpg

It is very difficult for two-dimensional codes to completely replace one-dimensional bar codes, no matter in the short or long term. The application scope of the two is different, and the advantages are also different. At least for a long period, the two must coexist. But the existence of two-dimensional barcodes will promote more applications of barcodes. Presumably many of us first saw two-dimensional codes on WeChat! Now various applications, commodities, payments, etc. So why is the two-dimensional code so powerful, and the one-dimensional barcode is still indispensable? Let's take a look at the specific reasons.

1) One-dimensional code reading equipment is simple and fast, and the cost is lower than that of two-dimensional code.

2) One-dimensional codes are suitable for reading under complex conditions, minimizing the difficulty of reading, and ideal for reading in various harsh extreme environments, such as supermarkets.

3) In addition to the barcode itself, the content of the one-dimensional code can be recognized by the naked eye (the letters and numbers at the bottom). It can be manually recognized and inputted when it is impossible to read, while the two-dimensional barcode does not have this condition.

4) The one-dimensional code has a strong anti-destructive ability, and can still be read after a large area is damaged.

5) There is no need to use a large amount of data in the QR code in many places

After reading the above reasons, we know that one-dimensional barcodes have some functions and conditions that two-dimensional barcodes do not have, so there is no need to worry that two-dimensional codes will completely replace one-dimensional codes. The functions between them can exist with each other. Not contradictory. Perhaps there will be a replacement for one-dimensional barcodes in the future, but it is not something that can be eliminated in a short time.


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