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Why do barcode scanners important in the retail

The barcode scanner is a scanning device used to read the information contained in the barcode. It uses the optical principle to decode the information content of the barcode and then transmits the information content to the terminal device through a data line or wireless transmission. Now, the types of barcode scanners are also gradually enriched with the development of barcode recognition technology, with different price points such as CCD, laser, image red light, and branches of different application scenarios, etc., which can be widely used in various industries. Especially in the retail industry occupies an important position.
Next, let's understand why barcode scanners occupy an important position in the retail industry and what are their main applications.
1. Scan the QR code to order food and self-service checkout after the meal
In this mobile era, more and more restaurants are upgrading their networks to create smart catering. Nowadays, you only need to use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the dining table or the official account in the store to realize self-service ordering, and after the meal, you can independently perform self-service checkout on the mobile phone.
Self-service ordering machines have appeared in restaurants such as KFC and McDonald's, which can realize paperless ordering, greatly reduce labor costs and reduce customers' waiting time in line, and provide customers with the most convenient interactive experience. This kind of self-service ordering machine is generally embedded with a barcode scanning engine to read various 1D/2D barcodes, and its reading window is large, which is very suitable for the application of self-service ordering machines.
2. Goods storage management
The application of barcode technology in warehouse management can realize the automatic data collection of data in all links of the warehouse from goods arrival inspection, warehousing and outbound, and inventory, thus ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of warehousing management. It allows enterprises to grasp the inventory status of warehouse goods and various data of allocation in real-time.
And if it is a large storage center like Jingdong Warehousing, it is managed by a combination of multiple technologies, including RFID technology, EPC inventory picking technology, inventory technology and smart shelf technology, etc., in order to realize the automatic management of its warehouse. Jingdong Storage Center will use RFID electronic tags to assign barcode labels to each product sent by the merchant and compile a unique identification code on each shelf. When the goods need to be put into storage or put on the shelves, the staff will use the exclusive PDA scanning terminal to input data information. In this way, real-time data input can be carried out no matter whether it is the later link of commodity inventory or commodity shipment. for enterprise management.
3. Retail store sales sitebarcode scanner.jpgFor a long time, it has been the most difficult for enterprises to supervise and manage retail stores. Due to a large number of stores, the stacking locations of facilities are complicated, and sometimes there are even on-site sales activities. If managers rely on manual input, statistics, and analysis, the efficiency of their supervision and management will be greatly reduced. However, if barcode scanners are used, work efficiency will be greatly improved, and managers can easily ensure the overall operation of each retail store and bring the best experience to each customer.
For example, when a retail store needs to replenish goods, the clerk only needs to scan the label on the shelf or the barcode on the label attached to the product, and the warehouse manager will receive a notification immediately, which greatly reduces the errors caused by human negligence. , At the same time, it can effectively prevent empty shelves and lost sales opportunities.
The importance of barcode recognition technology to the retail industry is self-evident. It has a positive significance in terms of labor costs and management efficiency. I believe that in the near future, barcode recognition technology will be more widely used and serve more enterprises Creating benefits.  


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