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what is a barcode

A barcode is a graphic identifier that arranges multiple black bars and blanks with different widths according to certain coding rules to express a set of information. A common barcode is a parallel line pattern formed by black bars (abbreviated as bars) and white bars (abbreviated as empty) with very different reflectivity. Barcodes can mark the country of origin, manufacturer, product name, production date, book classification number, mail start and end location, category, date, and any other information, so it is widely used in many fields such as commodity circulation, book management, postal management, banking system widely used
The barcode automatic identification system consists of barcode labels, barcode generating equipment, barcode scanners, and computers.barcode scanner.jpgBar code technology (bar code technology, BCT) is an automatic identification technology produced and developed in the application practice of computers. It is designed to realize automatic scanning of information, and it is an effective means to realize fast, accurate, and reliable data collection. The application of barcode technology solves the bottleneck problem of data entry and data acquisition and provides favorable technical support for logistics management. A barcode is a symbol composed of a group of regular bars and corresponding characters, which is used to represent certain information. The core content of barcode technology is to use photoelectric scanning equipment to read these barcode symbols to realize the automatic identification of the machine, and quickly and accurately enter the data into the computer for data processing, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic management. The research objects of bar code technology mainly include five parts: standard symbol technology, automatic identification technology, coding rules, printing technology, and application system design.


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