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Which industries will use the 1D barcode scanner

Which industries will use the 1D barcode scanner?

With the advent of the information age, the wide application of barcodes has driven the rapid growth of the barcode scanner market. As a device that can read barcodes, the secondary development of the scanning module provides the industry with efficient and reliable data collection and transmission, and even a two-dimensional code scanning module.
It can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes, but due to cost considerations, 1D barcode scanners will still be given priority. Next, the industry applications of 1D/2D barcode scanning modules are listed.
1. Manufacturing
In manufacturing, the application of a 1D barcode scanner is inevitable. Use a handheld scanner or a fixed one-dimensional scanning module to collect barcode data on the production line, and perform statistical analysis and processing on the collected data.
2. Retailbarcode scanner.jpgIn supermarket retailing, 1D barcode scanners are frequently used both online and offline. While QR code scanners are heavily used in mobile payments, there are places where they are used less intensively. Using 1D scanners in crowds can save costs.
3. Logistics industry
In the application of the logistics industry, some one-dimensional barcodes are applied to product packaging, and the use of one-dimensional barcode scanners to collect them can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce error rates. Popular logistics, express, post, warehousing, freight, etc.
4 Utilities
Such as tourism, government law enforcement departments, insurance, etc., and related products involving data collection usually use one-dimensional barcode scanning modules.
5. Smart devices
Such as logistics express cabinets, display kiosks, mobile handheld terminals, medical equipment, industrial tablet computers, PDAs, etc., involving "1D barcode scanner" and the expansion of secondary development terminals.


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