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Relationship Between QR Codes and Scanners

2D code is a graphic that uses a certain geometric figure to be distributed on a plane according to a certain rule, black and white, and records data symbol information. It constitutes the concept of the logical basis of "0" and "1" inside the computer. Corresponding geometric shapes are used to represent literal numerical information. The graphics compiled by the barcode two-dimensional code reader according to certain rules of the barcode two-dimensional code are converted into useful information after reading. The barcode reader needs to go through two processes of scanning to obtain the image and decoding the barcode two-dimensional code.
2D barcode scanners are mainly divided into fixed 2D barcode scanners and handheld 2D barcode scanners according to the application environment. The scanning method can be divided into image type, CCD, laser type, and camera type. As well as the linear camera type, scanning barcodes is divided into two steps: scanning and decoding. At present, the mainstream scanning methods include image scanning and camera scanning, and decoding is the core technology of various brand scanners. The decoding speed and accuracy will directly affect the performance of the scanner.
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The fixed barcode reader is easy to operate and can be installed on the production line to easily read barcodes on the assembly line. Due to uncertain factors such as the clarity of barcode printing and the factory scanning environment, it is necessary to be able to fix the installation, scan product barcodes from multiple angles, and quickly read the product barcodes on the conveyor belt in batches, so the performance requirements for fixed barcode readers are very fine. Therefore, fixed barcode readers must have high-sensitivity recognition capabilities, support automatic scanning and command control, and other working modes, and avoid unstable barcode scanning.
The main principle of the fixed code reader is to use the software in the device to recognize the characters in the 1D code and the 2D code. One-dimensional or two-dimensional codes are arranged according to specific coding rules and are mainly used for product tracking, production control, and automatic identification.
When choosing a fixed-mounted barcode reader, many factors should be considered, such as barcode type, barcode position, pipeline speed, distance to scan the code, the vibration of the conveyor belt, installation of the bracket, sensing device, interface, and working mode, etc. If the link is not If it matches correctly, the code may not be scanned or at the original scanning speed.
The handheld barcode scanner has the characteristics of mobility, small size, lightweight, fast, accurate, and easy operation. It is widely used in supermarkets, logistics express, libraries, etc. to scan the barcodes of goods and documents, which greatly reduces the manual entry of barcodes. , The loss of manpower and material resources of manually filling in information by computer is of great convenience.


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