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What kind of scanner is suitable for the express industry

barcode scannerBarcode scanner, this device is very familiar to many people. However, most are limited to the cash register scanner equipment in supermarkets or various shopping malls. They are not well understood by barcode scanners in other industries, and even do not know that these industries can also use barcode scanner, such as some factory assembly lines or warehouses. There are also express delivery industries that are closely related to us, and also need barcode scanner. Today will introduce the barcode scanner equipment of the express delivery industry and teach you how to choose.

First, let’s learn the code system used in the express delivery industry.

Who have a little understanding of bar codes should know that bar codes in such industries are relatively standard, and most common bar code types are 1D bar codes, including Code 39 code and the two codes of the cross 25 code are the most common.

Then, let's take a look at what requirement of barcode scanner for express delivery industry.

Barcode scanners need “easy to scan, accurate, avoiding duplication, and automatic scanning” when using in express industry. In addition, the environment in which the express industry uses barcode scanners is also relatively unstable and harsh compared to other industries. Therefore, the performance of the scanners is relatively good. It is best to resist falling and dust, reaching sealing IP54. The last and more important thing is that express delivery is a special industry with low profit, and there are many places need barcode scanner. When the express delivery industry chooses, the cost should be kept to a minimum.

So after analysis, how to purchase a suitable scanning device for the express delivery industry can be summarized as the following five points.

1. The depth of field is long, and the reading distance of more than 30 centimeters can be swept away. To avoids the unsuitable scanning caused by the unsuitable scanning distance, improves the sensitivity of the scanning barcode, and meets the "easy scanning" requirements.

2, the scanning speed is fast, with a scanning speed of up to 150-300 times / sec, to meet the "quick" requirements of the express delivery industry.

3, the price is cheap, to meet "low cost."

4, strong function, can avoid repeated scans, but also automatic scanning. Meet the "accurate" requirements of the express delivery industry.

5, can be set to self-inductive scanning, which is our automatic scanning, that is, the scanner automatically detects the bar code and reads it. When the bar code is not detected, it automatically switches to the extinction state, which protects the scanning head well.



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