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How to scan barcode in right way

Sometimes the scanner user may encounter this situation. The barcode scanner needs to sweep for a long time to scan the barcode, or it can be scanned for a while, but it will not be scanned for a while. In fact, most of the reason is that the customer does not have the correct reading. Such as incorrect scanning angles, distances from bar codes, etc., which can cause bar codes to be difficult to scan. Let's take a look at the correct method of use.

1) Correct reading skills for barcode scanners

In order to obtain a good reading effect, the aiming beam projected by the viewfinder should be aligned with the center of the bar code, but can be aimed in any direction for reading. We align the scanner with the bar code and press the trigger so that the aiming beam is in the middle of the bar code. Even if the laser line completely covers the bar code being read, it can be tilted. Like:

barcode scanner

Bar code

What we need to know is that the closer the scanner is to the bar code, the smaller the aiming beam, the farther the scanner is from the bar code, the larger the aiming beam. If the bar code is small, the scanner should be close to the bar code; if the bar code is larger, the scanner should be farther away from the bar code, which makes it easier to read the bar code correctly. If the bar code is highly reflective (for example, coated), you may need to tilt the scanner at an angle to successfully scan the bar code.

Note: When scanning barcodes, if the scanner Beep 3 times, the link is not successfully established. If the scanner beep one time, the link has been successfully established.

2) Use bar code scanner with correct body posture

Users who have used barcode scanners know that fatigue can be felt when using the scanner for a long time. This can be improved by a series of methods. For example, we can adjust the scanning posture of our body, as shown in the below pictures:

1.Avoid Excessive wrist bending

2.Avoid Bend Over

3.Excessively raised arms

barcode scanner


Or we can make full use of the bar code scanner function, like the constant light mode, self-sensing mode we often say, can replace the human body operation.

Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner


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