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How to do the barcode scanners routine maintenance

Barcode scanner is widely used in supermarkets, logistics, libraries, and other places. However, operators often pay little attention to maintaining bar code scanner. If you do not pay more attention to bar code scanners in normal use, it may reduce the life span of the scanner,ohterwise you have to buy new bar code scanner, which will increase the operating cost invisibly.


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When using barcode scanner, remember to determine the barcode scanner. The bar code scanner contains precise optical skills in the optical lens in use, and the structure is weak and fragile. Bar code scanners usually have the function of determining and unlocking. When using the bar code scanner, the optical components must be locked in order to damage the optical components. It is only necessary to unlock in the next time. Otherwise, it may cause the bar code scanner broken during the  error operation.

Routine maintenance of barcode scanners

When installing a barcode scanner, especially when installing a barcode scanner on the EPP parallel port, be sure to turn off the computer before you can prevent the motherboard from burning. It is sufficient to set a resolution of 300 DPI when scanning a normal document with a barcode scanner. The higher  resolution of the barcode scanner, the better. The higher resolution will reduce the recognition rate. Because the resolution is higher, the details of the text will be scanned more carefully, and the flaws and shortcomings of the document will be more easily recognized.

Also pay attention to the leveling and stabilization when using barcode scanner. Do not let the it work in a sensational environment. If the scanner is not placed smoothly,it will need to use the rated power to find the appropriate scanning point in the course of the operation, but even then there is no way to ensure the desired straight resolution. Also, do not switch the barcode scanner frequently, and which have to switch the computer frequently. Which very very bad for the scanner itself.

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When cleaning the barcode scanner, do not use a cleaning solution with an organic solvent that is to prevent damage to the outer casing and optical period. Try to prevent the barcode scanner from being placed in a dusty environment, and to ensure the clean glass of the barcode scanner, as long as it is sufficient to ensure the discrimination and accuracy. If there is more dust on the glass of the barcode scanner, clean it with a clean cloth that cleans the camera lens.


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