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What is the portable receipt printer

Lighter than ordinary printers, the function is also single, for specific printing purposes, such as tickets, labels and so on. It is suitable for carrying around and can be used with a battery. There are high requirements on the weight, durability and continuous printing time of the body.

The portable receipt printer(mobile printer) is mainly used for printing tickets in various outdoor and non-fixed workplaces. After 20 years of universal printing in a fixed office, various people working outdoors are about to the birth of the product and the abandonment of handwritten documents, popular printing. There are many people working in outdoor and non-fixed places, such as traffic police, urban management law enforcement, industrial and commercial law enforcement, and other law enforcement personnel in the government departments, financial industry such as vehicle damage detectors, bank demobilization staff, meter readers of public utilities, equipment Inspectors, more of a logistics company, except for a small number of managers, most of them work in outdoor and non-fixed workplaces.
mobile printerPortable receipt printers print a variety of on-site documents, such as traffic police tickets, various law enforcement documents generated on-site, vehicle loss orders, cash delivery orders, meter reading notices, delivery orders, on-site orders, etc.
a: government law enforcement
b: logistics and distribution
c: deep distribution
d: ticket replacement on the train
1. The volume is very small. Compared with the portable printer that is also called portable office, the portable receipt printer is only 1/10~1/5 of the former, and can be held by hand or kneel at the waist;
2, the weight is very light, generally within 300g, equivalent to cellphone or slightly heavier;
3. The consumables used are generally roll-type thermal printing paper;
4, the width of the print is up to 100mm, generally 58mm and 80mm;
5, rechargeable battery power supply;
6, generally use wireless technology to receive print data, such as Bluetooth, infrared, WIFI, etc.;
According to the printing technology used, portable ticket printers can be divided into portable thermal receipt printers and portable needle printers. Due to the complicated structure of inkjet printing technology and laser technology, these two technologies are widely used in the office field. There is currently no way to apply it to a portable receipt printer.
Portable thermal ticket printer
1. The volume is very small. At present, the smallest portable paper printer is realized by thermal technology. The mechanism of thermal technology can be very small.
2, printing speed, portable thermal ticket printing speed portable needle ticket printing speed 5 to 10 times faster
3, low power consumption, print the same content, power consumption is only 1/3 of the portable needle ticket printing
4, high print quality, portable thermal ticket printing resolution of at least 200DPI or more, double the 100DPI of the needle
5, the use of high-quality thermal printing paper can save long-term writing, the longest shelf life of more than 30 years
Portable needle printer
1. It can print carbonless double copy paper, and the impact type principle of needle technology can print carbonless double copy paper.
2. The printed documents can be stored for a long time. In fact, this advantage is not obvious. With the continuous advancement of thermal paper technology, thermal papers with a storage time of 15 years are already common, but in the field of printing invoices, many People are not keen on using long-acting thermal paper to print invoices, so this feature is still very advantageous.
Technical indicator portable receipt printer
printing method
It is divided into thermal and needle type, and the required printing paper is different. Needle printing uses plain paper, and thermal printing requires thermal paper. Printing invoices is recommended to consult the local tax office whether to print the invoice with thermal paper. If not, select the needle. If non-invoice printing, choose thermal. At present, manufacturers of thermal printing papers such as Ricoh, Prince, and Chico have introduced print thermal paper that can be stored for 15 to 30 years.
Weight and volume
The lighter, the smaller the better. Because the field staff is always walking or standing, it is very important for the user to reduce the load. The size depends on the way of use. If you need to hold it during use, the volume is more demanding.
Print width
At present, the common printing width is divided into two types: 58mm and 80mm. The 58mm portable receipt printer prints less content per line, 80mm prints more, and the reading effect is much better. If you only print the documents of the list type, generally use a 58mm wide printer. If you print law enforcement documents or tickets, you will generally use an 80mm wide printer.
Battery lifespan
Battery life is usually affected by three factors, one is the battery capacity, the other is the length of one charge print, and the third is the power consumption when not printing. The one-time charge print length refers to the length of the printer that can be printed after the printer is fully charged. The power consumption when not printing will also affect the battery life. Some portable ticket printers will enter the sleep mode when they are not printing. The consumption is greatly reduced, which can effectively extend the battery life. The battery life is not the higher the better, because the longer the battery life, the larger the battery capacity, then the volume and weight will increase, according to the specific needs of the print volume, the best choice, generally choose a charge print length can meet two The day needs to be better. If the print volume is too large, it must at least meet the print volume of one day.
printing speed
Print speed is a more important parameter, especially for users with large print volumes, which can seriously affect the time it takes to print. The test conditions of this indicator are different for each manufacturer. Some indicators published by some manufacturers are the test results when the external power supply is connected, instead of the test result when the battery is powered. The user should preferably print according to the actual use speed. Make a judgment.
Wireless communication protocol
Mainly divided into three types of Bluetooth, infrared, WIFI. When choosing a portable ticket printer and a host computer, consider the match between the two parties.
Black mark detection
The black mark detection technology is used for positioning when printing a set of tickets. It can be understood as the starting position or ending position of each document. Nowadays, the single black mark detection technology is commonly used, and some manufacturers use double black. Compared with the single black mark detection technology, the double black mark detection technology has the advantage that it can realize multiple sets of notes. The so-called multi-note is to print multiple identical or similar documents each time you print, but the purpose of each connection is different, so you need to distinguish the starting print position of these documents. More typical is the traffic police ticket, usually have to print 3, then you need to use dual black mark detection technology.


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