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Difference between platform and common scanner

There are many types of scanners in the market. When choosing barcode scanner, we chooomnidirectional barcode scannerse platform scanner or barcode scanner. Many people would like to ask what is the difference between platform scanner and common barcode scanner.

First, Different design
1. Scanning platform, also called bar code scanning platform, can be placed on the desktop in parallel. Which to free hands and speed up the cash register.
2. Common barcode scanners are roughly classified into wired handheld and wireless. Wired handheld barcode scanners are connected directly to the computer or other terminals. The scanner can start read barcodes with the scanner. 
 wireless barcode scanner3. The wireless barcode scanner has no data cable. Generally, it has a cradle. The cradle is mainly used to pair with the scanner and receive data.
Second, the scanning method is different
Most of the scanning platforms support multi-line scanning and single-line scanning modes, and the scanning window is larger than the common barcode scanner. We only need to bring the barcode close to the scanning window, and the barcode can be successfully read by tapping. The operation is relatively simple. 
The common barcode scanner, whether it is a wired handheld scanner or a wireless barcode scanner, needs to carry a barcode scanner to scan the barcode. Each time you scan the barcode, you need to manually press the trigger button of the scanner. It will make users feel tired, but now due to the continuous upgrade of bar code scanner technology and the continuous transformation of the appearance of "ergonomics" design, many barcode scanners can also support self-sensing or long-light scanning mode, and then with a scan The gun bracket is no different from the platform scanner.


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