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Handheld Data collector called PDA or smart handheld terminal?

Handheld Data collector, is it also called PDA or smart handheld barcode terminal? Many people are unclear about the handheld data collector, pda, smart handheld barcode terminal, in fact, there is not much difference. In general, these machines are designed to collect data, statistics, and data transmission and communication to help users complete certain records, communications, data processing, payment collection and other work. handheld barcode terminal

In fact, smart handheld barcode terminal can also be said to be a data collector.The data collector is just general term for both. It is only different according to the function and the occasion of use.

Handheld barcode terminal refers to a data processing terminal that has WinCE, Android and other operating systems, memory, CPU, screen and keyboard,  also has data transmission processing capability, its own battery, and can be used for mobile use.

The so-called handheld data collector refers to a handheld terminal with bar code scanning function, but not all handheld terminals with bar code scanning function are called data collectors. The operating system of the data collector is usually developed by the manufacturer. For example, POCKET PC, PALM and other handheld computers with barcode scanning function are not called data collectors. Data collectors are also called inventory machines. It integrates barcode scanning devices with data terminals and has battery-operated offline operation. Terminal computer equipment. With real-time acquisition, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission.

PDAs, also known as handheld computers, are classified by usage and are classified into industrial-grade PDAs and consumer PDAs. Industrial grade PDA is mainly used in the industrial field. Common barcode scanners, RFID readers, POS machines, etc. can be called PDAs; consumer PDAs include more, smart phones, tablet computers, handheld game consoles, etc.

It can be seen that many times, these words do not have much difference. They are likely to refer to machines of the same function or application. So, for most users, how should we choose and distinguish?

In general, data collectors, inventory machines, and multi-finger bar code data terminals are mostly used for bar code acquisition and serial number acquisition, mainly for bar code. With the popularity of two-dimensional codes, data collectors and inventory machines have gradually merged into the function of adding two-dimensional codes.

PDAs, handheld terminals, often refer to Android or WINCE machines. These machines are often powerful, also known as smart phones. The function varies greatly depending on the application. Can contain one to many functions.


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