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What are the classifications of QR Barcode scanners

A two-dimensional barcode scanner is an instrument for scanning a two-dimensional code of a two-dimensional code. The most common two-dimensional barcode scanner in the current industrial and commercial field. Two-dimensional code can be divided into the following three types

1. Fixed 2D barcode scanner:

It is platform type, non-handheld, placed on the table or fixed in the terminal equipment, and can be scanned in all directions quickly. All kinds of barcode printed or printed QR codes and QR codes on mobile phone screens can be recognized, so they are widely used in electronic ticketing, shop cashiers, production and logistics, mobile QR code boarding, and other fields

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2. Handheld QR barcode scanner:

The QR code scanner can easily scan various QR codes such as PDF417, QR code, MAXICODE, etc. It is commonly connected to a PC via a USB interface; it is widely used in retail, warehousing, logistics, production lines, and other fields

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3. Portable handheld barcode terminal:

The portable QR code collector integrates many advanced features, in addition to its robustness and ergonomic design. The color LCD touch screen is flexible and convenient to use, suitable for large-scale use in the city and industrial production, and can be widely used in commercial POS systems, factory and enterprise barcode detection, quality detection, warehouse management, barcode application solutions, production process management, and other fields. 


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