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Transmission methods for wireless barcode scanner

wireless barcode scanner generally transmit data and information through Bluetooth, 2.4g, etc., and can transmit data and information without being limited by the length of the mobile phone charging cable, and the application is more convenient and flexible. It is generally used in the summary work of some large and medium-sized warehouses, or in the field of logistics and express delivery, factory assembly lines, etc., in the natural environment where the use place is relatively fixed.
 Nowadays, in terms of what methods are commonly used wireless scanning guns to carry out data information transmission. Common transmission methods for wireless barcode scanner include Bluetooth, 2.4g, 433MHz, ZIGBEE, etc. 
①Bluetooth: It is a radio technology suitable for short-circuit communication of machinery and equipment (generally within ten meters). It can carry out wireless network information among many machinery and equipment including mobile phones, PDA, wireless Bluetooth headsets, notebooks, barcode scanner and other related external devices. Exchange; good practicability, strong safety factor and anti-interference; at this stage, many machines and equipment on the market have built-in Bluetooth control modules, and the code scanning gun can immediately carry out data information transmission according to the Bluetooth; but most of the Bluetooth scanning code guns Both must be matched before they can be used, and the actual level of difficulty of matching is different.
②2.4g: It is a wireless technology whose frequency range is in the middle of 2.400GHz~2.4835GHz, so it is generally called 2.4g wireless technology. It is one of the three key wireless technologies currently on the market (including Bluetooth, 27M, 2.4g). 2.4g has low voltage, high efficiency, low cost, double high-speed data transmission
, Small size (without external wireless antenna), wide transmission coverage (wide communication distance of up to 50 meters) and other advantages;
③433MHz: The most prominent advantage of using the 433MHz wireless network frequency band is the strong penetration of network signals and the longer transmission distance. The defect is that the data information transmission speed is only 9600bps, which is much lower than the data information transmission speed of WIFI and ZigBee. Therefore, the 433MHz technology is generally only suitable for applications where the data information transmission volume is small.
④ZIGBEE: It is a communication protocol specification defined by a low data rate, short-circuit wireless network communication network. It has the characteristics of low speed, power consumption, low cost, high security, strong anti-interference ability, and very easy network deployment. The output power is 868MHz, 915MHz, 2.4gHz, suitable for industrial production industry.barcode scanner 
1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are all specifications of wireless communication, and their similarity is that they both work in the ISM 2.4gHz common frequency range. 
The difference is that Bluetooth uses the method of radio broadcast expansion, which generally oscillates 1600 times a second, dividing the 83.5CHz frequency band into 79 frequency band wireless channels, and each time only occupies 1MHz network bandwidth. 
The wifi application is the local area network protocol, the transmission range is 100 meters, the rate is larger and can achieve 11Mbps, and the application is DSSS (direct code sequence spread spectrum) and QPSK or BPSK (phase shift keying). 
Bluetooth belongs to the WPAN wireless network, which is point-to-point. And wifi belongs to the WLAN wireless network, which is a network mode for several terminal devices to transmit separately. 
2.The difference between Bluetooth and 2.4g: 
Bluetooth technology is also attributed to the 2.4g technical transmission protocol, but because the selected protocol is different, it is different from other 2.4g technologies and is called Bluetooth technology. 
2.4gHz wireless technology is a short-circuit wireless network transmission technology, strong anti-interference ability, double spread, long-distance transmission, and low power consumption. The 2.4g technology can touch the computer within 10 meters. 
In fact, 2.4g and Bluetooth are two different proper terms, but in terms of frequency, there is no difference between the two. They are all 2.4g frequency bands.


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