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The difference between barcode and thermal printer

Bar code printing equipment can be divided into thermal printing and thermal transfer printing according to the different printing methods. Both methods use thermal print heads to heat the printing surface. Thermal transfer is to heat the ribbon to print on the printing paper. Durable pattern design, thermal printing is not suitable for ribbons, but immediately starts printing on label paper.
Basic principles of thermal transfer printing:<a href=https://www.lmppos.com/Barcode-Printer.html target='_blank'>barcode printer</a>
Thermal transfer printing, thermal print head hot ribbon, printing ink melts the raw materials on the label to produce a way. The raw material of the ribbon is digested and absorbed by the material and is part of the label of the design scheme. Other technicalities show the unparalleled quality and performance design of the on-demand printing process.
Standards for thermal printers:
The label paper undergoes organic chemistry to resolve the thermal material, select a thermal printer, and when the material is underneath, the thermal print head becomes gray and black. Thermal printers do not use black ink, carbon powder, or printing ribbons. The simple design scheme makes the thermal printer durable and easy to use. Because there is no belt, the operating cost of the thermal printer is less than that of the thermal migration printer.
The difference between thermal garment printing and thermal transfer printing:
1. The raw materials are different
Thermal printers only use special thermal printing paper. The thermal printing paper is coated with a layer of thermal color coating to cause chemical changes, thermal printers. Thermal printing consumables: self-adhesive label label paper, PET, PVC, washing water specifications, labels and other labels, and thermal printing paper can also be used for printing. Although the thermal transfer printing method can also use thermal printing paper, you should also choose a matching printing method when you use a barcode software product to design a label and connect it to a barcode printer. Otherwise, there is a possibility of printing vacancies. In the barcode software, you can easily open the preferences of the barcode printer, and then choose the thermistor or thermal transfer printing method according to the type of label paper you choose.
2. The label warranty time is different
The storage time of thermally printed labels is not long, usually more than half a year, and the actual storage time is determined by the brightness and temperature of the stored address.
The material that is printed by thermal transfer has a longer warranty period, generally more than 2 years. Actually, it depends on the quality of the label paper and ribbon.
3. The cost is different
Thermal printing costs and consumables are lower, and thermal transfer printing costs and consumables are higher than thermistors.
4. The scope of application is different
Thermal printing is suitable for shopping malls, apparel, freight logistics, retail, and other fields where barcode regulations are not too high.
Thermal transfer printing is suitable for a variety of companies such as processing and manufacturing, automobile industry, food companies, electronics industry, freight transportation, textile industry, and chemical industry.
In general, it is the difference between thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. Both thermal printing and thermal transfer printing have their own convenient and easy-to-use characteristics, so barcode printers will choose these two printing methods.
barcode printer cleaning method: closed switching power supply (when plugged in, the glue stick is not easy to roll over), roll over the glue stick, and use a cotton ball dipped in 99% industrial ethanol to scrub the surface of the glue stick on all sides. Defect cleanup Clearly put forward the wrong operation. Because the actual operation and application of bar code printing equipment requires the basic knowledge of technical expertise, in many cases the basic actual operation is due to the fact that the customer does not carefully observe the application after purchasing the equipment. If the mobile phone software settings are wrong, the actual operation sequence is wrong, the machine equipment and equipment ribbon is wrong in one way, these may cause the barcode printing equipment to fail to work properly. In many cases, problems with barcode printing equipment are caused by actual operation errors. For this kind of situation, the official website of the printer manufacturer will generally list some rare practical error solutions. Customers only need to check and grasp them at any time to solve them easily.


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