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The link of the fixed barcode scanner in the traceability system

As a high-performance one- and two-dimensional barcode scanning equipment, the fixed industrial barcode scanner has a wide range of applications. Industrial fixed barcode reading equipment can complete the detection and judgment of repeated codes, missing codes or fewer codes on a high-speed production line, and quickly find products with unqualified quality to realize the automation of the production line.

One of the uses of the code scanner is traceability. What is the link in the traceability system?

1. Multi-level packaging and multi-barcode collection requirements

In the multi-level packaging process, customers often need to read the barcodes on multiple small packages in a large package at one time, and then bind them with the barcodes of the large package in the software system. This requirement places great demands on the field of view and reading stability of the reader.fix barcode scanner.jpg

2. The processing speed cannot keep up with the rhythm of the production line

The speed of modern production lines is getting faster and faster, and the time between processing single products is getting shorter and shorter. If the fixed code scanner cannot read quickly and in real time, it will affect the output efficiency of the entire assembly line.

3. High requirements for the accuracy of the position and attitude of the target object.

Many customers have a large production line width, and the position and posture of the identification target on the production line are random, which makes reading difficult. Solving this problem requires a larger reading field of view. According to the principle of digital image feature extraction, the decodable field of view of a QR code with a specific density is linearly related to the image acquisition resolution:


(L is the decodable field of view width, n is the minimum cell size of the QR code, and L is the image acquisition resolution of the corresponding dimension)

For example, for a QR code with a density of 10 mils (millimeters), a traditional VGA resolution (640*480) code reading device theoretically has a maximum decoding range of only

Length: 10X0.0254X640/3=54.2mm

Width: 10X0.0254X480/3=40.6mm

Therefore, the traditional VGA resolution is basically unable to meet customer needs.

Unstable barcode quality

For some marking objects, their surface is not flat and cannot be labeled. Inkjet and laser engraving methods may also cause uneven marking quality. This requires the fixed code scanner to have more powerful and stable image acquisition and decoding capabilities.

Difficulty in installation and debugging of acquisition equipment

Image-based barcode scanners are optical devices, which have strict requirements for the selection of the installation location and the adjustment of optical parameters. On the one hand, the installation and commissioning personnel are required to have considerable technical capabilities, thereby increasing the implementation cost; on the other hand, the installation and commissioning process is relatively long and the implementation cycle is increased.


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