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Difference Stationary and Handheld Scanners

Stationary barcode scanners differ from handheld barcode scanners in their use and functionality.
Fixed barcode scanners are generally used for scanning documents and items in fixed scenarios such as workplaces or offices, where documents or items need to be placed on the scanner for scanning. Fixed-mount scanners typically have higher resolutions and scan speeds, can handle larger documents and items, and are capable of advanced features such as automatic two-sided scanning and batch scanning.
Handheld scanners are suitable for scenarios with mobile scanning requirements and are suitable for scanning smaller items, such as business cards, invoices, etc. Handheld scanners are generally smaller in size and weight and offer greater flexibility and portability. Handheld scanners usually do not have the advanced functions of fixed scanners but can provide more application scenarios through wireless connection and scanning apps.barcode scanner.jpg
In short, handheld scanners and fixed scanners are selected according to the environment, just like barcode scanners in supermarkets and factories. And choosing a fixed barcode scanner is not that the higher the price, the better. Choosing the right equipment is the most important thing. Recently, many customers are inquiring about Envision barcode scanning and automatic identification solutions on production lines and conveyor belts. Generally speaking, industrial fixed scanners are widely used in production lines. When we purchase barcode scanners, we must consider which barcode scanners can better meet your needs according to the actual application of our industry environment.


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