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RFID Handheld Barcode Terminal in Drug Monitoring

With the rapid development of RFID radio frequency identification technology, the medical industry in many cities has begun to apply RFID radio frequency identification technology. Many hospitals have also begun to use RFID handheld barcode terminals to check the ward for medical treatment. Most importantly, RFID technology and handheld barcode terminal products have also begun to play a huge role in drug anti-counterfeiting, tracking and supply chain management.

handheld barcode terminal
As with the traceability of food and other supply chains, the management of pharmaceuticals has also use RFID technology, so that every step of the drug from the factory to the sale can be tracked in real time, and at the same time, use The terminal product records and uploads relevant data in real time, and then, to a large extent, ensures the safety of the drug. After all, medicine is a special item, and there are some suppliers on the market who have bad motives. The main role of most medicines is to save lives. Therefore, there are also huge profits in medicines. In order to avoid these illegal activities, new traceability tracking is urgently needed to control.
RFID handheld barcode terminals play a very important role in exploring the entire life cycle and quality assurance system of drugs. The system will faithfully reflect the company's production quality data, and the drug regulatory department provides the most direct drug quality monitoring window. It can provide the inquiry, tracking, positioning and quick recall of drug information in the circulation field while controlling the quality of the drug source. Drug sales companies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and end consumers can query the production information and quality inspection information of this batch of products by entering the RFID electronic tag or other identification of the drug.handheld barcode terminal
The advantage of this system is that it can effectively improve the level of supervision, and the RFID electronic tag itself has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting. Therefore, through this system, we can prevent counterfeiting and selling, and improve the accident handling ability. Of course, due to many external originalities, the application of RFID and handheld terminals in drug management supervision still has a large market space. If the promotion of electronic label technology in pharmaceutical companies will improve their information level and management capabilities, this will undoubtedly help to improve the energy level of the industry and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


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