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PDA use in Financial escort management system

1. Current status of financial escort management
Financial currency escort management is a high-security and very dangerous work in the daily management of banks. Traditional bank custodial methods need to rely on strict management to implement them. If there are management loopholes, personnel changes or information leakage, etc. Which will pose a huge threat to bank funds. At present, the traditional escort method relies on manual registration, manual identification, and mutual supervision. In the complicated escort process, if an abnormality occurs, the information cannot be captured at the first time, and the problem can only be discovered through post-mortem verification. The management method needs to be supplemented and improved through advanced modern management methods. Therefore, the closed loop type of banknote transfer control management process is constructed, relying on technical control means to prevent the intervention influence of various external factors on the banknote transport and escort work, strengthen the implementation of the automatic management of various systems, and strengthen the safety of the banknote transfer process. It is of great significance to realize the modern management of banknotes and escorts.handheld barcode terminal
2. Solutions to financial escort problems
During the handover process, the escorts and savings point personnel wear specially-designed electronic identification labels with their own photos and personal data. The savings outlet employees use smart handheld barcode terminal to read the identity information of the escort personnel and the terminal memory information for automatic comparison. At the same time, the handheld barcode terminal checks the information read and transmitted to the background and stores the information stored in the data center library, and confirms the result after verification, and returns it to the handheld terminal in the hands of the employee of the savings network through GPRS. In the same way, the savings outlet staff will check. Hand over after docking without errors.
Each money box is equipped with an electronic identification tag, and the tag unit name information is stored in the tag. After the escort personnel will be transported to the savings outlet, they will use the handheld terminal to read the label information on the box one by one, and then do the processing on the box. The information will be transmitted to the background management center in real time, and the savings outlet staff will carry out the label of the box. The read is processed by the receiver, and the information is transmitted to the background data management center in real time. After the management center database checks the information correctly, it shows that the handover is completed. When the cash transport vehicle picks up the package from the savings network, it performs the reverse order processing with the above-mentioned delivery package, that is, the work handover is completed.handheld barcode terminal
3. Based on the advantages of RFID handheld barcode terminal management system
The RFID handheld terminal banknote management system uses computer, communication, identification and other technical means to realize the electronic management of personnel identification and bag transfer during banknote transfer. It is convenient for the management department to inquire and count the time, place and characters of each time in time, improve the management level, and effectively avoid the errors caused by the labor. It is more convenient to save and check the registration records.
RFID electronic tags are characterized by environmental resistance, repeatable read and write characteristics, penetration, and large storage capacity. Conducive to the storage of data. At the same time, the RFID electronic tag is not affected by its shape, installation location and range.
The system combines the use of the handheld terminal, reads the information stored in the RFID card, and exchanges data with the wireless local area network and the central server to achieve real-time monitoring and management purposes. Greatly improved work efficiency and streamlined workflow.


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