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Handheld Barcode terminal application in the power industry

In the traditional power marketing meter reading process, not only a lot of manpower and material resources are invested, but also due to manual negligence, it is easy to cause wrong and missing copying. The occurrence of these situations has greatly affected the development of power marketing activities and caused a certain amount of losses to the personal property. In order to be able to change this situation in time and effective way, power companies have vigorously introduced modern electronic technology to change this problem. Among them, the application of PDA handheld barcode terminal is very extensive, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of marketing.

handheld barcode terminal
In the current marketing activities of some power companies, most of the PDA systems used are based on handheld barcode terminal. The operation of the system is completed by the powerful performance of the handheld barcode terminal. And the using terminal will enhances the expansion of the power line carrier configuration, and when the expansion operation is completed, the number of components contained in the PDA system also increases. The hardware system can mainly apply multiple interfaces to collect various information and realize effective information processing.
In the development of power marketing activities, traditional power marketing can be optimized through using modern PDA systems, especially in the meter reading. The use of PDA handheld terminals enables automation of reporting sessions. Through the use of this technology, not only can the efficiency of Meter reading operations be greatly improved, but also the manual Meter reading process can be omitted, and the situation of missing and wrong copying can be avoided, and the interests of both the supply and the demand can be guaranteed to the utmost extent. In the actual meter reading process, the staff only needs to install the corresponding meter reading software on the handheld terminal. When the job is taken out, the handheld terminal can complete the meter reading by using the PDA system. The  PDA system effectively changes the inefficiency and high error rate of traditional meter reading operations. At the same time, because the PDA system has a high degree of electronicization, the staff does not need to perform meter statistics on the meter in a human-to-table manner. After the recording is completed by using the PDA system, the handheld barcode terminal can be directly returned to upload the corresponding data record, which simplifies the work content of the staff and improves the work efficiency of the meter reading staff.

In operation, the PDA system not only improves the efficiency and quality of marketing work, but also enhances the informationization degree of power companies in marketing and realizes digital management. Compared with the traditional types of power marketing activities, this has realized the informationization and modernization of power marketing activities. More importantly, this new management model has realized the two-way communication of information and data, which has a good foundation for the development of power companies. handheld barcode terminal

On the other hand, the PDA handheld barcode terminals has broken the information of communication problems in traditional power marketing activities. When the user's normal time is used, the PDA handheld terminal can quickly display the fault area in any event. The fault can be solved immediately after the occurrence of the fault, so as to effectively protect the interests of the user.


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