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Laser engraving barcode application

Radium engraving is a method of using laser technology to print durable, clear, and indelible marks on the surface of various materials. Radium engraving has many advantages, such as environmental protection, high efficiency, fineness, durability, etc., so it is widely used in many industries. For example, radium engraving can be used on the packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. to display information such as production date, batch number, and expiration date, which is convenient for consumers to identify and trace. Radium engraving can also be used in manufacturing industries such as machinery, electronics, and automobiles to mark product models, specifications, serial numbers, and other information to improve product quality and safety.
1. Medicine and food industry
The pharmaceutical and food industry has very high requirements for product quality, safety, hygiene, and anti-counterfeiting, so it is necessary to print relevant information on product packaging or containers, such as production date, expiration date, batch number, barcode, etc. This information not only facilitates the identification and selection of consumers but also facilitates the traceability and management of products. Radium engraving can print clearly visible marks on packaging or containers of various materials, and will not cause pollution or damage to the product. It is an ideal choice for the pharmaceutical and food industry.
2. Electronic communication industry

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The electronic communication industry is a rapidly developing and changing industry, and products are updated very frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to print relevant information on the components, integrated circuits, circuit boards, and other product components, such as model, specification, serial number, QR code, etc. This information is not only beneficial to product identification and classification but also to product quality control and after-sales service. Radium engraving can print delicate and precise marks on components of various sizes and shapes without affecting the performance and life of the components. It is the first choice for the electronic communication industry.
3. Machinery manufacturing industry
The machinery manufacturing industry involves various materials and processes, and the types and uses of products are also very diverse. Therefore, it is necessary to print relevant information on the surface or inside of the product, such as brand, model, parameter, standard, etc. This information not only reflects the quality and characteristics of the product but also facilitates the use and maintenance of the user. Radium engraving can print marks with high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance on various metal or non-metal materials without changing the structure and performance of the material, which is the first choice for the machinery manufacturing industry.

This kind of barcode needs a special industrial DPM barcode scanner to read data.


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