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Barcode scanner communication affects the quality

In the data communication of barcode scanners, bit synchronization is often required to ensure that the information is correctly extracted. When the code in the report is all "0" or all "1", the synchronous extraction circuit will fail, which requires the network interface Additional facilities are included to ensure that synchronization works without placing restrictive requirements on the user. If it is necessary to make some demands on users, it is said that this network is opaque to data information. The transparency requirement means that a good network should not restrict users so that information can flow freely. In this sense, the ideal network should enable any form of user information to be transmitted within the network. For example, with a client machine, it is better to be able to transmit voice, image, data, etc. at the same time. This is the meaning of ISDN. When the user is connected to the Internet, various information can be transmitted, just as customers can purchase various items when entering a supermarket. Generally speaking, the requirement of transparency should be considered as putting as few restrictions on users as possible under the current technical situation, to exert greater effectiveness, because the restrictions on users are also the restrictions on the development of the network.barcode scanner.jpg
The fourth requirement for a barcode scanner communication network is the consistency of quality. Quality indicators are important for a communication system, if the quality does not meet the requirements, sometimes the communication will lose its meaning. For example, when the distortion in the system is too significant, the required information cannot be extracted from the received signal, which is invalid communication; even if some information can be extracted, or barely discernible, it may cause adverse consequences, at least making the receiver unhappy. Too much noise on a phone or TV signal can be uncomfortable, if not hard to hear or see. So any communication system must specify certain quality indicators. In the communication network, in addition to each subsystem should meet the quality indicators, the whole process indicators and their consistency must also be specified.


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