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Industrial Fixed Qr Barcode Scanner

If you want to automate the production line, you must use the power of stationary barcode scanners to make your business truly realize an intelligent automated assembly line. Under the current trend of automated production, many companies are slowly moving towards Industry 4.0 and smart factories. The state is also encouraging enterprise reform, and the government will also implement a subsidy policy to encourage production-oriented enterprises to realize information automation, intelligence, and dramatization. Barcodes are indispensable in automation. In today's automated barcode industry, the mode of automatic scanning and command control is supported!
A. Purpose of the fixed barcode scanner:Industrial Fixed Qr Barcode Scanner.jpg
The barcode scanner is fixedly installed on the production line in order to read the barcode on the products delivered by the line. We recommend using industrial-grade stationary scanners - Deloitte stationary 2D barcode scanners, Cognex stationary barcode scanners, KEYENCE stationary barcode scanners, code stationary scanners, and Self-developed Cashion stationary scanner.
Due to uncertain factors such as the clarity of barcode printing and the factory scanning environment, it is necessary to be able to install and scan product barcodes from multiple angles and quickly read product barcodes on conveyor belts in batches. Therefore, barcode scanners must have high-sensitivity recognition capabilities. Support Working modes such as automatic scanning and command control avoid the unstable scanning of the barcode scanner.
B:the working principle of the fixed barcode scanner:
In the automated assembly line and each processing process, the barcode labels are used to mark the main parts and components, and the barcode information is collected and decoded by the barcode scanner and entered into the database of the computer server. Each product and main part will have unique Barcodes, and no matter where the product is sent will be recorded. If there is a quality problem, you only need to read the barcode on the warranty card, you can call up the relevant information of the product in the database, which facilitates the quality tracking and after-sales service of the product.
C. Consideration factors:
The following factors need to be considered when selecting a barcode scanner for a production line:
1. Barcode type and barcode widths, such as barcode symbology, number of digits, and density;
2. Is the direction and position of the barcode pasted, parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light?
3. The speed of the assembly line;
4. Scanning distance, distance requirements between barcode and scanner;
5. The vibration of the conveyor belt;
6. The installation of the bracket, whether it needs an adjustable bracket;
7. Sensors and alarm devices;
8. What interface is required? Whether it is necessary to form a network to access the same server or PLC;
9. Interface with the background application system.


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