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How to maintain the barcode scanner

Optical imaging components are an important part of the barcode scanner. During use, pay attention to keeping the optical components clean to avoid dust affecting the working performance of the barcode scanner and reducing the scanning quality. When cleaning, do not disassemble and repair without authorization, because each optical component in the photoelectric conversion setting has very high requirements on the position, and changing the position of the visual component will affect the imaging effect of the barcode scanner. Therefore, when cleaning, scrub with detergent, and then wipe it off with a dry rag.
1. Keep the reading window clean.
2. Avoid hard and rough objects to wearing or scratching the reading window.
3. Use a brush to remove stains on the reading window.

4. Please use a soft cloth to clean the window, such as a glass cleaning cloth.
5. It is forbidden to spray any liquid on the window.
6. Using any cleaning agent other than clean water is forbidden.
7. Anti-drop
The internal structure of the barcode scanning gun is composed of the decoder components and the main board. These components are relatively precise components, so when using, you should try to avoid falling from a high place, especially the glass components of the barcode scanning gun. This will allow dust to enter the barcode scanner.
8. Anti-pull
The barcode scanner is composed of a wire. Often the wire is pulled hard, which is easy to loosen the connection and causes poor contact during scanning.

How to use the barcode scanner correctly?
1. First of all, please make sure that the scanner gun, data cable, data receiving host, and power supply are properly connected and then powered on.
2. Press and hold the trigger button, the lighting is activated, and a red lighting area and a red focus line appear.
3. Align the red focus line with the center of the barcode, move the scanner and adjust the distance between it and the barcode to find the best reading distance.
4. When you hear the success prompt sound and the red lighting line goes out at the same time, the code reading is successful, and the barcode scanner transmits the decoded data to the host.


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