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How to use the barcode scanner correctly

Barcode scanners are generally plug-and-play devices, and general products do not need to install drivers or the system will automatically set them. Before we use it, we must first ensure that the scanner, data cable, and receiving host are connected correctly; after connecting, press and hold the trigger button to make the light active, and red light and focus lines appear; when scanning is required, focus on the red Align the line with the center of the barcode, move the scanner and adjust the position between the scanner and the barcode to find a suitable reading distance; when you hear the "di" sound and the red lighting line goes out at the same time, the barcode is scanned successfully.
However, when many people use barcode scanners, they find that the sensitivity is reduced or even cannot scan barcodes. What is going on? How do solve these problems? If the scanner cannot scan normally, please check the following first:barcode scanner.jpg1. Check whether the connection between the data cable of the barcode scanner and the host is appropriate, including whether the original data cable is used and whether the data cable is loose.
2. Check whether the barcode label to be scanned is of good quality. The scanner may not be able to scan damaged and wrinkled labels.
3. Check whether the barcode scanner's reading barcode type is turned on. If it is not turned on, please turn on the reading type barcode first.
Generally speaking, the barcode scanner's service life depends on the scanner gun's brand, type, usage, and frequency.
Laser barcode scanner have a longer service life than CCD barcode scanners. Like CCD barcode scanners, the service life is about 2 years, while the service life of laser bar code scanner is generally 3-5 years.
Another point to note is that if the frequency of use is relatively high, you can choose an industrial barcode scanner, which is more sturdy and anti-falling and has a longer service life.


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