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How to connect wireless barcode scanner to computer

There are many kinds of barcode scanners on the market, such as wired barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners, industrial-grade barcode scanners, fixed barcode scanners, and desktop barcode scanners, etc. We often come into contact with most of them with the wired barcode scanners, so everyone knows them well. Speaking of wireless scanners, how much do you know? Maybe you usually use more wired scanners, and you are still unfamiliar with wireless scanners. Today, a customer came to ask us how to connect the wireless barcode scanner to the computer, just to introduce it to our customers and friends. Wireless barcode scanners are gradually used in all walks of life, and some environments are not suitable for the wired barcode scanner. Wireless barcode scanners come in handy and are more convenient and have superior performance. Next, I will share with you my knowledge of wireless barcode scanners, hoping to help everyone.wireless barcode scanner.jpg
We all know from the literal meaning that a wireless barcode scanner is a scanner that transmits data without wires, usually through 433Mhz, WIFI or Bluetooth. Unlike the wired barcode scanner, which is limited by the length of the data cable, it is more convenient to use. Since then, wireless barcode scanners are also very different, and the prices are also different, mainly depending on the type and fineness of the scanned barcode.  2D Wireless barcode scanners are definitely more expensive than 1D wireless barcode scanners. If you want to scan very small Bar codes are also supported by high-precision wireless scanners, which all affect the price of wireless scanners.
At this time, some customers asked, how to connect the wireless barcode scanner to the computer? How to transfer data? The wireless barcode scanners we purchased mainly include scanners, scanner bases, and data transmission lines. Need to connect to the computer, the base is the key intermediary. The function of the cradle is to serve as a charger and a Bluetooth signal transceiver for the scanner, so the first thing we need to do before using the wireless barcode scanner is to connect and pair the cradle with the computer.
1. Connect the data cable and the base to the computer first, the interface of the base is the network port, and the computer interface is the USB port (different brands of wireless barcode scanners will be different). After connecting to the computer, you will need to install a driver to complete the installation. That's it. Some wireless barcode scanners do not have a data cable but use a wireless connector similar to a U disk. There are two buttons under the base. Plug in the connector, press the red button and wait for the driver to be installed.
2. After the above steps are completed, you need to scan a barcode on the base with a wireless barcode scanner before the real pairing is successful. Some brands of wireless scanners may not need to perform this step. To learn more about your own brand's scanners, refer to your scanners' manual. Generally, there are text instruction tutorials.
The last step is that after the wireless scanner is paired, the computer opens the TXT text file or word, form, and other software scans a barcode with the wireless scanner, and the data is transmitted normally, which proves that it can be used


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