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What is a Bluetooth barcode Scanner

What is a Bluetooth barcode scanner? The Bluetooth barcode scanner is a type of scanner, but the transmission method has been changed from wired to Bluetooth transmission.
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The traditional barcode scanner uses photoelectric elements to convert the detected optical signal into an electrical signal. After the light source is irradiated on the image, the reflected light passes through the lens and converges on the scanning module. The scanning module converts the optical signal into an analog-digital signal. The electrical signal is converted into a digital signal by an analog-to-digital converter and transmitted to the computer for processing.
Then the reason for the working of the Bluetooth scanner is that the Bluetooth radio wave of the scanner is connected to the mobile Bluetooth barcode scanner.jpgphone or computer. Then the Bluetooth scanner converts the analog-digital signal from the scanning module to the short-range (called piconet) through the communication between the Bluetooth devices. , refers to the temporary network of the network connected by the device using Bluetooth technology) to the mobile phone or computer, and then the mobile phone or computer will display the result on the screen after processing and converting the information.
In simple terms, the Bluetooth scanner is like a restaurant. The scanner is the chef who is responsible for making the dishes, and then the waiter transmits the dishes to you through Bluetooth. They do not interfere with each other and work independently, so in Bluetooth, The transmission piece can be developed twice, and its transmission path can be edited.
At present, the standard Bluetooth barcode scanners on the market are all Bluetooth 4.0 or above, with two transmission methods of wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth.


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