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How to maintain the barcode printer

Only when the barcode printer keeps the printer head clean during use can the guaranteed printing result  and the printer head life. When printing a roll of labels, clean the printer head, rubber roller and ribbon sensor with alcohol. When changing the printing cable, turn off the printer and computer before connecting the cable. Note: When cleaning the printer head, you must turn off the power first. The printer head is a precision part. It is best to ask a professional person to help clean it!
Printer head pressure adjustment<a href=https://www.lmppos.com/Barcode-Printer.html target='_blank'>barcode printer</a>
Adjust the printer head pressure according to different media to be printed. Pressure of the printer head under normal conditions: adjust the nut to the highest position when the printing is best. Otherwise, the rubber roller will be deformed in long-term printing, causing the ribbon to be wrinkled and the printing effect is poor.
All the indicators of the printer are on, the LCD does not display and cannot be operated
Cause: The motherboard or EPROM is damaged.
Solution: Contact your dealer to replace the motherboard or install the EPROM correctly.
All the indicator of the printer are blinking and the paper cannot be measured
Cause: Sensor failure Solution: Clean the sensor surface for dust or contact your dealer to replace the sensor Printer is missing vertical lines during printing
Cause: The surface of the printer head is dusty or the printer is worn for a long time.
Solution: Clean the printer head with alcohol or replace the print head.
The ribbon or label paper is misaligned during printer printing
Cause: Uneven pressure spring and paper limiter are not adjusted according to the tab width
Solution: Adjust the spring and paper limiter
Unclear print and poor quality-reasons:
1 The temperature is too low
2 Ribbon label quality is too poor
3 Improper printer head installation
Solution:1 Increase the print temperature, that is, increase the print density
2 Replace the ribbon and label paper
3 Readjust the printer head position, paying special attention to its left and right heights.
Wrinkles in the ribbon-reasons:
1 The ribbon does not wrap properly around the machine
2 Incorrect temperature setting
3 Improper print head pressure and balance settings
4 The paper feed amount is not set correctly


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