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Difference between commercial and an industrial barcode scanner

What is the difference between commercial and an industrial barcode scanner?

1: the scanning performance is different
The application environment of industrial barcode scanner is very complex, sometimes it is operated outdoors, operate from a long distance, and it must be a bar code with a relatively accurate scanning density. Supermarket barcodes are generally EAN_13. The barcode quality is very clear and easy to scan.
2. the IP levels is different
IP rating is one of the safety performance of electrical products, referred to as the enclosure protection level. It means that the barcode scanner can prevent the invasion of solids or liquids from the outside, and will not cause short circuit and fire, which will cause accidents. The industrial environment is relatively harsh compared to the commercial environment. Therefore, industrial barcode scanner usually have an industrial grade rating to determine the stability and reliability.

3. the price is differentbarcode scanner
This is also a concern of many procurement. Because the environment used by industrial  barcode scanner is relatively poor, the requirements are drop resistance, dustproof and waterproof, so the price or industrial barcode scanner will be relatively high. The barcode scanner which used in supermarkets have IP requirements, but they are lower compared to industrial grades. Generally, supermarkets use them in fixed locations, and users will not often drop or damage. Work, so the scanner used in the supermarket is also cheaper.
After our analysis, do you know more about barcode scanner? In general, industrial barcode scanner are aimed at scenarios with relatively harsh scanning environments, and supermarket scanner are targeted at scenarios with better environments.


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