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Why will happen paper jam in the receipt printer

The receipt printer is different from the common office laser printer and it has been widely used in many occasions, such as shopping malls to print small tickets, invoices, printers for printing VAT invoices for financial use of companies, etc. There are many other application: portable ticket printers for traffic police on-site tickets, and check printers for finance.Why will happen the paper jam in the receipt printer? How to eliminate this kind of fault? receipt printer
The most common failure of receipt printer is a paper jam. When such a fault occurs, the indicator will light on and alarm signal will be sent to the host.
There are many reasons for such failures, such as: debris in the paper output path, failure of parts such as the paper feed roller, paper feed, sensor failure, etc. The method of eliminating such a fault is very simple, just open the machine. Cover, remove the jammed paper, but be careful, you must pull the paper in the paper feed direction, and never turn any knob in the opposite direction.
If the paper jams frequently, check the paper feed path and remove the debris from the output path. The front edge of the paper should be just above the metal plate. Check if the exit roller is worn or the spring is loose. If the pressure is not enough, the paper cannot be fed into the machine. When the paper exit roller is worn and can not be replaced at one time, the rubber band can be used for emergency treatment. After winding the rubber band, the friction of the crepe paper is increased, and the paper feeding can be restored to normal. In addition, the loading tray is not installed properly, and the paper quality is not good (too thin, too thick, damp), and it may cause paper jam or paper failure.


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