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How to choose two-dimensional scanner for medical using

How to choose two-dimensional scanner for medical using? We believe that even the workers in the medical industry who have long been using barcode scanners cannot distinguish them very well. barcode terminalNowadays, there are hundreds of well-known barcode scanner brands. The quality, performance and application environment, including the price are almost similar.
Everyone said that their own product have good quality.So what need us to know? The following answers should help.First of all, because the medical industry belongs to a special environment,which is have lots different from the retail industry such as supermarkets and clothing stores. In addition to the scanning performance of barcode scanner, the medical industry has certain quality requirements Let's take a look at what the medical two-dimensional scanner must meet the hospital needs.

1) Fast responsive and highly reliable.Since the hospital is responsible for the patient health, it is necessary to provide patients with efficient and high-quality treatment services,So it is necessary to avoid errors as less as possible. Therefore, medical two-dimensional scanners are required to be fast responsive and highly reliable, which can help avoid errors and improve the quality of patient care.

2) The fast scanning speed and better recognition ability for low-quality barcodes.
Hospital information management systems are generally used in hospitals to better record and track patients' conditions, and barcode scanners are an important input device for such systems. Therefore, the medical staff needs to use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode of the patient's medicine, medicament and test tube label, However most patient may be in a rest state. If the medical two-dimensional scanner often responds slowly, the barcode cannot be continuously collected. It will always disturb the patient after happen nurse need collected this barcode.So the medical two-dimensional scanner must be decode more easy, the reaction should be sensitive, and the workload and time required to read the barcode can be minimized. Also ensure that important information reconciliation processes are completed.

3) Rugged and durable housing, the housing can be directly disinfected with disinfectant,
which can resist the corrosion of irritating chemicals and protect equipment.
In a hospital envoirment, two-dimensional barcode scanners are often used in treatments in order to protect patients from infection.The medical two-dimensional scanner housing needs to be disinfected frequently with disinfectant, which can prevent the spread of infectious diseases. At the same time, in the process of frequent disinfection, the quality of the medical two-dimensional barcode scanner is not affected by the corrosion. This not only ensures patient safety, but also ensures that the scanner
to provide uninterrupted scanning applications for many years.


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