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Choosing suitable barcode scanner for supermarket

When many people choose the barcode scanner, they do not know where to start because of the large number of models on the market.
Therefore, many people have come to consult us.
In this case, we conducted a survey and consulted relevant personnel, and finally concluded the following three elements:
1. What is the reading speed of the wireless barcode scanner? Supermarkets are generally place with a large buyer.
Although there are some small convenience stores with a relatively small number of people, but customers are almost in a hurry.
Then if you have barcode scanner with a fast reading speed,and also will leave a good impression on the customer from the details.
Because no one likes take long time for checkout.

2. The user experience of this scanner.
Although the cashiers in general supermarkets use the shift to work, each cashier have hours working time,
So during this working hours, they need to hold the barcode scanner to work.
The perfect experience not only reduce the operator's hand fatigue, but also increase the checkout speed.

wireless barcode scanner3. Does Barcode scanner can scan the electronic screen?
Mobile payment methods such as WeChat,Alipay,Applepay become more popular.
Many consumers will even support mobile payment as a standard for their own consumption when they pay.
Therefore, if you can choose barcode scanner, you should pay attention to whether the barcode scanner support scanning electronic screens.


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