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How to choose industrial barcode scanners wireless

There are many applications of barcode scanners, such as retail industry, manufacturing industry, logistics industry, warehousing industry. Why is it so demanding to choose an industrial barcode scanner? Because the industrial environment is relatively harsh, there will be a lot of dust and impact, and sometimes the light will be too dark, and the barcodes that need to be scanned will not be clearer than in other industries. And in industry, barcodes are usually printed on metal, so the requirements for scanner guns are higher.

The factory's production line has always been a busy place. To increase productivity, barcode scanners are absolutely indispensable. In addition to this function, on the one hand, the factory may have some laser-engraved codes and metal codes, which cannot be recognized by ordinary barcode scanner, and will also drop in unexpected situations. At this time, industrial scanning guns are needed. The customer is mainly engaged in the automation equipment industry, and there is dust in the workshop. Therefore, the scanning gun must be dust-proof, the decoding speed is fast and accurate, and then the product information is collected and entered into the system to facilitate product tracking and follow-up services. WBS-6 IP68 industrial-grade 2D barcode scanner wireless is perfect, with sturdy and durable structure, excellent performance, industrial three-proof design, waterproof, dustproof, and anti-drop. It can not only read DPM codes but also have a good reading ability for common 1D codes and 2D codes.IP68 barcode scanner.jpg

Industrial barcode scanners can cope with relatively harsh working environments, and the requirements for equipment will be higher. How should we choose an industrial barcode scanner?

1. The performance of the scanning gun.

Choose the one with fast decoding speed, accurate reading, stable performance, and longer service life.

2. In the process of using the industrial scanning gun, it can be competent for high-intensity scanning in a short time.

High-load work is a severe test for the scanner. Now, when many factories purchase industrial-grade scanners, they have to know how many hours the scanner can work continuously and whether there are higher requirements for ambient temperature and dust conditions during the working process.

3. Sensitivity.

The industrial-grade barcode scanner will not be repeatedly scanned and unrecognized, and its response is very sensitive. When it is used, it will not affect the production process and production efficiency due to the slow response.


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