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Commercial and industrial barcode scanners different

There have commercial barcode scanners and industrial barcode scanners. However, these two scanners are used for barcode scanning identification.  What's the difference between them?barcode scanner.jpg1. The application environment is different. The industrial environment is relatively harsh compared to the supermarket environment. During use, it may encounter liquid intrusion, a large amount of dust invasion, and may encounter serious shock and vibration. The supermarket environment is relatively good, and there are fewer problems encountered.
2. Differences in scanning performance. Industrial applications often require scanning codes under strong light, outdoors, high density, or long distances. Therefore, the scanning performance of industrial-specific scanning guns is relatively strong, and the scanning distance is relatively long. Ordinary supermarkets mainly scan the bright screen of mobile phones or paper barcodes. The distance is short, and it does not need to be used in a high-intensity environment. The scanning speed is faster and the performance is more stable.
3. Different protection levels. In different application environments, industrial-specific scanners have higher protection levels and higher drop-proof heights. It can prevent the intrusion of external solids or liquids, and will not cause short circuits and fires. However, the protection level for supermarkets is relatively low, and the usual anti-drop height is 1.2 meters, which meets the needs of supermarkets.
4. The price is different. Industrial-specific barcode scanner are drop-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, strong in performance, and expensive. However, the anti-drop and dust-proof performance of the special barcode scanner for supermarkets is weaker than that of the industrial grade, and the price is relatively low.


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