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PDA for Warehousing and information processing plan

Customer challenges and needs

For the storage management methods of many large enterprises, the traditional handling still uses the routine accounting to calculate the daily storage operation, loading and unloading, including inventory. With the frequent operation of the enterprise, the processing capacity of the craft is large and complicated, time-consuming, and manual operation in the warehouse. The data is inaccurate, and the traditional operation mode operation data is shared in real time, which makes the handling more difficult. How to use information skills to deal with the handling of a large-scale warehouse at that time.


Processing plan overview

With the rise of the mobile Internet, the problems faced by warehousing have been dealt with. The warehousing system uses intelligent handheld barcode terminal handheld barcode terminalskills to deal with problems such as high workload, low operating power, real-time data transmission and loading. As well as unloading, the plan first provides warehouse relocation, inventory and receipt confirmation for each store. The scanned bar code format can complete the real-time transmission of data, ensuring accurate information acquisition when goods flow, reducing error rate and power. It has the sensitivity of craft operation and has a sensitive transaction data processing mechanism.

Software interface diagram

Warehouse management information processing plan

Terminal application main interface

Acceptance interface

Outbound sorting interface

Receipt: The warehouse staff can use the mobile terminal device to download the receipt information, and the data collector can scan the barcode of the goods to view and acknowledge the practice goods, perform related process operations according to the system prompts, and finally click “recognize the goods receipt” to submit. And print the accepted goods.

Picking: The warehouse staff selects the outbound plan according to the warehouse inventory allocation. After the picking order is completed, people can use the mobile terminal to view the picking information, including the picking quantity, location, etc., and the arrival is accurate. After the picking position, picking operation, and practice picking are completed, click "Pickup Complete" to acknowledge.

Inventory: Warehouse personnel can use the terminal to scan the barcode during the daily inventory process, and return the inventory result data in time after the inventory is completed, which can be useful to improve the operating power.

Delivery: After selecting the vehicle information through the intelligent terminal, check the vehicle's goods information, scan the information, and check whether the “delivery” action is completed.

Analysis of benefits

Warehouse management information processing plan

The program uses advanced intelligent scanning terminal equipment and skills to improve the overall operating power of the warehouse, and the real-time accurate collection of scanned barcodes has usefully improved the power of data collection. Providing a large amount of data information for the warehouse, and then formulating strategies to win thousands of miles.

Accuracy: The warehouse goods are handled in an orderly and safe manner, and the working power is improved to avoid human error.

Safety: Establish a complete and accurate database, complete the informationization of the warehouse

High power: make full use of the resources of the warehouse, reduce the cost of the warehouse, and accelerate the turnover of the warehouse.

Transparency: real-time product tracking, improved customer satisfaction and corporate image


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