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Experience sharing of fixed barcode scanners

Experience sharing of fixed scanners in the assembly industry

Generally speaking, industrial fixed scanners are widely used in production lines. When we buy a barcode scanner, we must consider which barcode scanner can better meet your needs based on the actual application of our industrial environment. 

Fixed barcode scanner: It can be installed anywhere. The function of the scanner is optimized for focusing. It can scan barcodes on almost all media, especially the very small and dense two-dimensional barcodes that are common in the manufacturing industry. It can be ensured that the correct parts are in the production line at the correct time, and the products that can be produced by the pharmaceutical manufacturer are in the production and packaging process.

A. Purpose of work:fixed barcode scanner.jpg

The barcode scanner is fixed on the production line and reads the barcode on the products delivered on the production line. Welcome to use the fixed scanner of the recommended product. Due to the influence of uncertain factors such as the definition of barcode printing and the scanning environment of the factory, it is necessary to be able to scan product barcodes from fixed installations and multiple angles and be able to quickly read the barcodes of conveyor belt products in batches. Therefore, the barcode scanner must have high-sensitivity recognition capabilities, support automatic scanning and command control, and other working modes to avoid unstable scanning of the barcode scanner.

B. Working principle:

In the automatic assembly line and each processing process, barcodes are used to mark the main parts. The barcode information is collected and decoded by the barcode scanner and then input into the computer server database. Each product and the main component will have a unique barcode, no matter where the product is sent, there will be a record. If there is a quality problem, as long as you read the barcode on the warranty card, you can call up product-related information in the database to facilitate product quality and after-sales service.

C. Matters needing attention:

When choosing a barcode scanner on a production line, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Bar code type and bar code width, such as bar code system, number, density size;

2. Is the direction and position of the barcode pasting parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light?

3. Speed of assembly line;

4. Scanning distance, the distance between the barcode and the scanner;

5. Conveyor belt vibration;

6. Whether the bracket installation requires an adjustable bracket;

7. Sensors and alarm devices;

8. What interface is needed? Whether it is necessary to connect the network to the same server or programmable logic controller;

9. Interface with background application system;

10. High-speed scanning of barcodes and QR codes in motion supports automatic scanning and command control.


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