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Classification of Barcode Scanner Reading Methods

Classification of barcode scanner reading methods, advantages of handheld barcode scanner

There are many types of scanners, including fixed barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners, one-dimensional barcode scanners, two-dimensional barcode scanners, desktop scanners, industrial barcode readers/industrial barcode Scanner, handheld barcode scanners, etc.

What is the reading mode of the barcode scanner, usually called the scanning mode, refers to a way for the scanner to read the barcode. You can set the scanner in different ways to adapt to different scenarios. There are the following modes:

Constant light/constant light reading mode:barcode scanner.jpg

The long-light reading mode is also called the continuous reading mode. It is usually used in unattended application scenarios to free up part of human work. In this reading mode, after the bar coder is set to the constant light (continuous) reading mode, the bar coder illuminator (aiming light) is in a continuous long light state. At this time, the bar coder is in a continuous working state. When a bar code passes by, The barcode device can obtain and parse the barcode information.

Manual reading mode/manual mode:

Manual reading mode, also known as key mode, is one of the most common scanning gun reading modes. In this reading mode, the illuminating light (aiming light) will light up after pressing the button of the bar coder, and you can read the code by aiming at the bar code. When the reading is successful or the button is released, the illuminating light (aiming light) will go out to stop reading the code.

Induction reading mode:

The induction reading mode is also called the automatic induction mode. In the automatic induction mode, the scanning engine will automatically detect the captured image. After reading the output information successfully or timeout, it will re-enter the state of monitoring scene changes.

Flashing reading mode:

When the scanning gun is set to flashing and reading mode, the light of the scanning gun is in a flashing state, and the scanning gun starts to detect the changes in the environment in front of the window. When the scanning gun senses an object (or barcode), the scanning gun is in the state of long light. When the barcode is read within the long light timeout period, the timeout is recalculated. If the barcode is not read within the timeout period, the scanning gun will flash again state.

Advantages of a handheld barcode scanner:

1. Input speed: Compared with keyboard input, the bar code input speed is 5 times faster than the keyboard input speed, which can realize real-time data input.

2. High reliability: the error rate of keyboard input data is 1/300, the error rate of optical character recognition technology is 1/10000, and the error rate of barcode technology is less than 1/1000000.

3. Collect a large amount of information: use the traditional one-dimensional bar code to collect the characters of the information, the two-dimensional bar code can carry more information with thousands of characters, and has a certain automatic error correction capability.

4. Flexible and practical: Barcode recognition can be used as a means of identification alone, or it can be combined with related identification equipment to form a system to realize automatic identification, or it can be connected with other control equipment to realize automatic management.


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