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What is the difference between thermal printer and barcode printer

Thermal printer is generally used in places like supermarket ticket printers, POS cash register printing, bank ATM machine tickets, etc., and thermal paper can be printed directly without the use of ink ribbons at low cost.

The barcode printer also prints by heating the thermal transfer ribbon of the print head, and sometimes it can replace thermal printer.

The consumables for bar code printers are label ribbons, which can be plain paper or self-adhesive paper. The thermal ticket machine only uses thermal cash register paper, and does not need to put other consumables. There is also a small ticket machine like Epson's small ticket machine that needs to put ribbon and cash register paper, and can also play single-layer paper or double-layer paper. But the bar code machine can't be double-layered. In addition, the main purpose of the bar code machine is to print the bar code. For example, it can be played with the 00001 serial number. The small ticket machine does not have this function.
Thermal ticket printerReceipt Printer
1.High speed, high life, high quality, low repair rate, suitable for various software
2.Novel design and easy operation
3.Support download Logo logo printing
4.Standard GB2312 Chinese character library Support Simplified/Traditional and a variety of international languages
5.100MB Ethernet interface, connect, print faster, avoid lose order

barcode printer is a dedicated printer. The biggest difference between a barcode printer and a regular printer is:

barcode printer printing is based on heat, with ribbon as the print medium (or directly using thermal paper). The biggest advantage of this printing method over normal printing is that it can be left unattended. Continuous high speed printing. The content printed by it is generally the company's brand <a href=https://www.lmppos.com/Barcode-Printer.html target='_blank'>barcode printer</a>identity, serial number identification, packaging identification, barcode identification, envelope label, clothing tag and so on.

In addition to the printing capabilities of ordinary printers, it also has the following advantages:

1.Industrial quality, not limited by the amount of printing, can be printed 24 hours;
2.It is not limited by printing materials, and can print PET, copper paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels, synthetic materials such as polyester and PVC, and water-washed fabrics;
3.The text and graphics printed by thermal transfer method have scratch-proof effect, and the special carbon ribbon printing can also make the printed product have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance;thermal paper
 4.Printing speed is extremely fast, up to 10 inches (24 cm) per second;
5.Can print consecutive serial numbers, connect the database to batch printing;
 6.Label papers are typically several hundred meters long and can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; label printers use continuous printing, which is easier to store and organize;
7.Not subject to the working environment;
8.A single label can be up to 120 cm long.


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