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Best ultra-rugged barcode scanner of 2022

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introduction of Industrial DPM Scanner

What kind of barcode scanner is good for the medical industry

Several important parameters of barcode scanner

The difference between wireless scanner bluetooth, 2.4G, 433

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There's a reason Zebra's ultra-rugged wireless barcode scanners are so famous. Designed to meet the critical challenges of manufacturing and warehouse tasks, it can withstand harsh working conditions with long read range, fast speed, and uninterrupted full-shift power for employees.

Right now our company has the model WBS-6 which is a wireless high-performance and ultra-rugged barcode scanner based on advanced image decoding and micropower wireless frequency hopping transmission technology. WBS-6 has the highest IP68 protection level, which can be well applied in factories, warehouses, and docks as well as the extremely cold and high-humidity working environments. It integrates a megapixel engine and a variety of well-designed lenses and lighting systems, which can scan complex bar codes of the laser carved, scratched and high-density, etc. The advanced wireless frequency hopping communication technology ensures that WBS-6 can perform stably even in a complicated industrial environment. And it also supports group working, with up to 100 scanner handsets with one socket receiver. Therefore, WBS-6 is very suitable for high scanning requirements, high intensity, and complex usage environments, like manufacturing, large warehouses, docks, cold chains, and so on. 


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