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Barcode scanners be replaced by mobile phone?

The barcode scanner uses image technology with a high recognition rate. It can easily read screen payment codes, incomplete codes, and fuzzy codes. The ergonomic design principle ensures the comfort of high-level operation, the appearance is small and light, fashionable and beautiful, and it can resist shock and drop. USB interface, plug and play, no need to install any software. At present, it is widely used in supermarkets, supermarkets, shops, convenience stores, restaurants, and other merchants that have connected to Alipay or WeChat payment.
No matter what type of code scanning, the quality is different, which will naturally affect the overall price. So if we want to buy suitable equipment, we must pay attention to its quality and professional technical support. If it is a formally produced product, the quality is guaranteed, and of course, there is no need to worry about subsequent applications.
The 2D barcode scanner uses a dedicated scanning engine, and the decoding speed after scanning is milliseconds, which is much higher than that of the mobile phone; in addition, there are essential differences in the aiming methods of the two. The aiming method of the barcode scanning gun is called external aiming. After pulling the trigger, there will be an aiming frame aimed at the barcode, while the mobile phone needs to align the barcode on the screen, and the operation is not as convenient and fast as a 2D scanner.
1. The difference in design
The 2D barcode scanner is specially used to scan and analyze barcodes (1D codes, 2D codes), and it can only do this one thing. The function of scanning QR codes in mobile phones is only one of its many functions. One is professional and one is amateur.
2. The difference in decoding
2D barcode scanners are generally hardware decoding, and the decoding speed is at the millisecond level, with a special decoding chip inside; when a mobile phone scans a QR code, first the camera takes a picture, and then the built-in decoding software decodes the captured photos, and then output, the time spent in this process must be much longer than that of the barcode scanner.
3. Different application scenariosbarcode scanner.jpg
Scanning guns are generally used for commercial/industrial purposes, such as supermarkets, factories, warehouses, logistics, etc., which have certain requirements for scanning speed and scanning accuracy; QR code scanning guns basically have focus or aiming frames to allow you to accurately locate two-dimensional The mobile phone does not have an accurate automatic aiming frame, and needs to be manually aligned with the QR code. It is far inferior to the barcode scanner in terms of scanning speed and QR code positioning. The mobile phone is only suitable for occasional use.
4. Different communication protocols
Barcode scanner basically supports USB ports, RS232 serial ports/TTL, and network port communication. Basically, all application software that uses scanning guns uses these communication protocols, and the decoding results are directly output to the application software. Such as supermarket cash registers, manufacturer traceability systems, logistics storage systems, storage systems, etc. The scanned results of the mobile phone are only displayed on the screen of your mobile phone, or you can only communicate and interact with the APP on your mobile phone. If you want to communicate with a PC or other devices, the workload in the middle is too much, and there is basically no It is thankless for people to use it like this. Therefore, it is impossible for mobile phone scanning software to replace the barcode scanner in the future.


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