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With the prosperity of market economy, the auto-identification and data collection technology as a powerful tool for retail industry has been applied widely. The core of AIDC technology is the ability to run quickly and accurately that transferring the huge data effectively into the database system in computer as to accelerate the processing in logistics, cash flow and information flow, it obviously improves the economic benefits and customer service.

Barcode technology in retail industry performs an advanced management in the whole commodity circulation process from in-storage, out- storage, choice of suppliers, inventory, after-sales service and customer management, which is taking auto-identification technology, POS system, EDI and other modern technologies. Bar code is mainly considered as the only identification information in commodity circulation process. The application of barcode technology not only greatly improves working efficiency and management, but also plays an important role in commodity circulation, sales, customer and supplier management.

Sales management
In supermarket, POS System (Point of Sale real-time information System) is generally divided into two parts: frontend POS System and backend MIS System. Roughly speaking, POS solutions in checkout combines with commodity sales, payment, consumption slip printing and sales data acquisition through related pos terminals, these collecting data, furthermore, which will be automatically transferred to company's database by backend MIS system and for its processing, handling, statistics and analysis.

Customer management
Member-customers are well managed by Bar code technology. Each store can manage their high-grade customers providing membership service which is compiling the barcode on the membership card.  When customers present their membership card at the checkout, the card information can be identified quickly by barcode scanner, and their shopping information will be stored to the member database to ease for fast tracking in the future. Barcodes in member-customers management takes some advantage of cost-effective, high working efficient and reliable information etc.

Supplier management
Barcode identification must be carried on suppliers’ commodity directly for easy further tracking services. Each commodity has its label with unique bar code which is for easy management and identification, as well as is convenient for fast tracking in warehouses. If they are bar-coding and can be retrieved, when a barcode is scanned and the commodity information is immediately identified. A commodity with all necessary content identification should be displayed accurately by suppliers. On the basis of bar code technology, the purchasing commodity will be accurately detected by barcode ordering system. More significantly, the manufacturer can control the efficient production management through real-time sales data system.

Barcode technologyis a comprehensive, powerful, and scalable solution for the retail industry. Along with the development of information technology and auto-identification industry, as per these stores’ actual conditions, Bar code can be taken by combining extended application in commodity circulation to enhance the store’s core competitiveness, which is including the solution of in-storage and out- storage, price checks, inventory and replenishment. As always, LMPPOS is striving continuously for the innovation and improvement for commercial and retail solutions.

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