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What software do barcode scanners need to install

The barcode scanner is plug-and-play, and there is no need to install any drivers or software.” But when you buy a barcode scanner and face a string of numbers scanned on the computer screen, you find that there is no Know what to do next. I guess your question may not be accurate. You may ask, "Does the barcode scanner need to be used with other software?" Then the suppliers will answer, "It depends on the nature of your industry, such as supermarkets, you may also need to purchase another purchase-sales-stock software" and so on. Let's analyze them one by one for you.
What software or drivers do barcode scanners need to install? First of all, the use of barcode scanners is very simple. As shown in the figure above, barcode scanners are generally divided into three interfaces, namely the USB interface, serial port, and keyboard port. You don't have to worry about the interface, you just need to choose the interface that suits you. That is to say, what interface is on your computer or other equipment, you can choose the interface. In most cases, most users use the USB interface. barcode scanner.pngThe operation method of the USB barcode scanner is generally divided into the following steps,
1) First, connect the data cable to the data cable socket of the barcode scanner and the computer's USB port (the connection method of other interface scanners is slightly different; please refer to the user manual for details).
2) Press and hold the trigger button, the illuminator will be activated, and a red illuminated area and red focus line will appear.
3) Align the red focusing line with the center of the barcode, move the scanner, and adjust the distance between it and the barcode to find the best reading distance.
4) When you hear the prompt success sound and the red lighting line goes out at the same time, the code reading is booming, and the scanner will transmit the decoded data to the host.
From the above point of view, the barcode scanner function is to replace manual input, which is more convenient and quicker. Simply speaking, it is equivalent to a keyboard, which is an input tool. It just scans the numbers in the barcode and displays them on terminals such as computers. It is not like non-professionals think that after scanning the barcode, you can immediately see the information (name, price, etc.) about the barcode. This information can only be displayed with the help of other software, and this software needs to be selected according to your product. Different products are equipped with different software, such as clothing, medicine, supermarkets, and other industries, and the software for different industries will also be different.
After the software is installed, enter the background management interface of the software, and in the product information option, save all your products here first: scan the bar code of your product in the product barcode item with a scanner, and then save the product name, price, etc., and then you can sell it. Next, we will enter the front-end sales interface of the software, scan the barcode of the product with a barcode scanner, and the product name, price, and other information will be automatically displayed on it, and then we can collect the money.


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