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barcode scanners that scan screens for merchants

In the wave of mobile Internet, Alipay and WeChat payment have become very common payment methods for consumers when shopping. A variety of payment methods satisfy the consumer's psychological needs of convenience and fashion, but reduce the overall efficiency of the traditional catering industry's back-end cashier, so that most catering companies can not make effective order planning or finishing, and urgently need a simplified transaction process and Integrate payment methods to cope with the prevailing trend of current mobile storage.

In response to the urgent needs of the traditional industries, our company will launch a barcode scanner to connect consumers with a fast, simple and low-cost way to help merchants open up payment channels such as Alipay and WeChat payment. Under the value of consumer transactions data, enhance the marketing ability of merchants.
For a merchant, after having a certain user base, how to market this group of customers and let them generate purchases again is the core point of operation. The merchants use the barcode scanner to open the O2O interface, and establish an interactive relationship with the customer through the docking Alipay and WeChat service windows to enhance the relationship and service with the customer. At the same time, you can also create different forms of real-time offers (order real-time offers, real-time product offers) and event gifts (consumer gifts, gift card gifts, pay attention to service window gifts), and can manage activities, query transaction records and return cards Recording, etc., flexible promotion, new and old customers all over the net.wireless barcode scanner

With the development and trend of mobile e-commerce, offline consumption and online payment will become the trend of the society in the future. The application of barcode payment scanner helps merchants to integrate Alipay and WeChat payment, and only needs to swipe to complete the payment, which can easily reduce the service impact brought by the payment queue. At the same time, there is no need to worry about receiving counterfeit money, and there is no need to change. In addition, timely billing, real-time account access, can also accelerate the flow of funds. The safe and convenient collection process greatly enhances the efficiency of the enterprise and meets the needs of various consumer scenarios in various industries.


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