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Why the barcode scanner can not scan

The Barcode scanner is a common bar code reading device, also known as scan code gun, barcode scanner, etc. It has the function of reading bar code data, and is the strongest auxiliary equipment for barcodes. As long as it is a barcode, the barcode scanner can recognize it. However someone  will ask: Why does my scanner can not read barcod? Is it broken? Actually, it has not broken.
Barcode scanners can't identify the bar code. There are many kinds of possibilities below. Please read the exclusion carefully.
The first possible reason:
1) The cable of the wired scanner is not connected;
2) The wired scanner cable is not connected well to the computer;
3) The power supply of the computer is insufficient, resulting the scanner not working;
4) Is the USB port and PS/ port of the computer normal?
5) The scanner connected cable is broken;
6) The optical head or motherboard of the wired scanner is broken.barcode scanner
Case 2: There is a line code scanner have red light but cannot scan
possible reason:
1) The PS/2 scanner is connected to the mouse port;
2) The PS/2 scanner is correctly connected to the keyboard port, but the scanner is not connected to the PS/2 keyboard, and the scanner is not tuned to the PS/2 keyboard mode;
3) The PS/2 scanner is connected to the USB to PS/2 conversion line, but the chip of the conversion line is not good, often cannot be scanned or wrongly coded;
4) The cursor is not in the scanning area during scanning, and the computer occasionally pops up the window to change the position of the cursor during scanning;
5) The input method is not turned off during scanning, which may cause undetectable or wrong code;
6) The scanning code system is not turned on, and all the code switches can be turned on;
7) When scanning the barcode, the distance is too far or too close, and the angle is too large;
8) The serial port port number and baud rate are not set in the serial port gun;
9) The scanned barcode is incomplete or severely damaged;
10) Direct sunlight or too strong light will make the scanner unable to scan;
11) There is a problem with the interface transfer, the interface may be broken, or the connected cable of the scanner may be broken;
12) The serial port has not set the serial port number and baud rate;
13) Generally, the scanning accuracy of a wired scanner is 5 mil or more. If your bar code is less than 5 MIL, please purchase a 3 MIL wired scanner.
The above are some barcode scanners related to the problem of unable to scan, can not scan the bar code, can not scan the barcode to the computer, etc., please follow the above steps to check your barcode scanner in turn, one by one until found problem lies in. If you still can't solve your scanner problem,contact your seller.


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