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What is the purpose of the receipt printer

The receipt printer as a printer that is different from the common office laser printer,it has been widely used in many occasions, such as shopping malls to print small tickets, invoices, printing VAT invoices for financial use of companies, etc. There are many other uses besides: portable receipt printer for traffic police on-site tickets, and check printers for finance.
In short, the receipt printer is a printer for printing various special tickets.
The use of receipt printer is so extensive that they cannot be fully listed. The following are some common uses:
1. Printing financial bills and bills printers have a wide range of financial application bills, value-added tax invoices, service industry invoices, checks, administrative fee receipts;
2, the government department on-site printing law enforcement documents on-site law enforcement pos printerdocuments such as: traffic police on-site ticket, urban management on-site law enforcement documents. Company on-site law enforcement documents, food and drug on-site law enforcement documents, etc. In fact, there is a commonly used printer in government departments for printing licenses such as: business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, etc., generally not called bills printer;
3. Financial industry printing process form banking business process form, credit card transaction voucher, bank statement, settlement list;
4. Public utilities and telecommunications departments print payment notices or invoices;
5, the logistics industry print process form express list, settlement list;
6, the retail industry and service industry print consumer list supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels and hotels print consumption list;
7, various transportation tickets such as train tickets, airline tickets, boarding passes, bus tickets, etc.;
8, print a variety of reports, flow of water, detailed single company internal printing of a large number of daily data, monthly reports, flow orders, detailed orders.


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