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What is laser engraving barcode

Laser engraving barcode is a technology that uses a laser to draw a two-dimensional code on the surface of an object to form a recognizable two-dimensional code. It has the advantages of wear resistance, anti-counterfeiting, and not easy to fade. It is often used for marking metal, plastic, glass, and other materials. The specific characteristics of radium engraving are as follows:
- Laser engraving barcode has high wear resistance and anti-counterfeiting properties and is not easy to be erased or tampered with.
- Laser engraving barcode can be adjusted in size and density according to needs, adapting to different application scenarios and conditions.
- Laser engraving barcode can be combined with other information technologies to realize intelligent management and traceability.ultra rugged barcode scanner.jpgHowever, laser engraving also has a disadvantage: it is difficult to read by a scanner. This is because the contrast of radium engraving is low, making it difficult for the scanner to distinguish black and white pixels. In addition, the surface of the radium engraved code may have a reflection or shadow interference, causing the scanner to fail to correctly identify the boundary and direction of the two-dimensional code.
WBS-6 ultra-rugged barcode scanner uses a new generation of polarized light technology to target the reflective characteristics of radium engraved surfaces, which can effectively eliminate reflections and solve the problems of overexposure and double images caused by surface reflections that are difficult to read.


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