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What is a UDI barcode scanner

UDI barcode scanner is a data processing device that can analyze UDI codes. It is mainly designed for the control of various links in the medical device supply chain. It has functions such as information recording, information storage, and information uploading. The UDI code is based on the UDI structure of the GS1 standard, including the static information DI of the device identification and the dynamic information PI of the product identification. Among them, DI includes the trade item code GTIN, which specifically provides packaging indicators, manufacturer identification codes, commodity item codes, check codes, etc. PI specifically includes application identifier, validity period, serial number, production date, etc. Due to the different risks of medical device use and regulatory traceability requirements, the identification of its devices will also change accordingly. UDI can be represented by DI alone, and can also be represented by DI plus PI. According to different medical device products, the specifications, models, batches, and single products can be identified.
Application of UDI
barcode scanner
The UDI traceability process covers the entire upstream and downstream supply chain of medical devices, including the medical device production end, supply chain circulation end, and pharmacy/hospital sales terminal. UDI barcode scanners play different roles in different links, helping UDI traceability be Implemented on the ground.
1. Medical institutions: After the medical device is delivered to the hospital, the relevant staff decodes the UDI information through the UDI scanner, and enters the UDI information into the hospital's material information management system. The medical staff wants to query information about a certain medical device product and Which patient uses the equipment, only needs to call the information system database, which greatly improves the efficiency of hospital material management.
2. Medical device manufacturers: Medical device manufacturers use UDI barcode scanners in warehouse management, which can realize functions such as fast and accurate warehouse entry and exit, cargo inventory, purchase, sale, and inventory management. Based on the unique identifier attribute of UDI, the UDI barcode scanner also carries the collection and real-time verification and query of information such as personnel, materials, and equipment in the entire process of medical device production.
3. Medical device logistics service provider: Logistics companies use UDI barcode scanners for warehouse management, transportation management, and real-time tracking of items for medical devices, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of each link, improve the delivery speed, and ensure that medical devices can be delivered in time Hospital.
4. Medical device supply enterprises: In terms of sales of medical devices, companies can quickly read the unique UDI labels on the outer packaging of medical devices through UDI barcode scanners, which can improve the inventory management of equipment, asset inventory, and fund settlement issues, ensuring that The accounts match the facts.
What barcode scanner is used for the UDI code?
1. Guarantee the state of sensitivity
When choosing a UDI barcode scanner, you must pay attention to the sensitivity of the barcode scanner during use to ensure the high efficiency of the scanning process.
2. Ensure smooth data transmission
To improve the experience of using the udi code, many details that need to be paid attention to. The second point is to pay attention to the transmission method of the scanned data, to ensure that the content of the data and the analysis of the information can be known in time every time the code is scanned.
3. Be safe to use
To ensure the regular use of the UDI code, we must pay attention to the stability and safety of the scanner, and then we must ensure the rationality of the structure. A code scanner with waterproof and dustproof will be safer and more reliable. 

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